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This week’s theme: Go Green

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Green Light


industrial solutions

green bike

Wind Turbines

Green Over Gray




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Non-Competing Entries


Helge’s work was my favourite at first. Really nice work. Was a bit confused if the rain is needed, as it doesn’t go too well with bikes. :slight_smile: I liked it though.
Kidus also did a really good-looking work. (why are the generators facing in so different directions, though?) :slight_smile: Anyway, it’s a nice render.

Then Evivivi swinged my choice with that work… It has an idea in it, and it has style!
My vote’s for Evivivi’s work.

As I said in the entries thread there are some amazing works this week, but having to choice only one, the nocturnal mood of Helge´s entry is my favorite one and the one that wins my vote.

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: Regarding the rain: there are a few reasons for it being part of the scene.
1.) StealthRox’s contest entry from last week made me think about rain. Because I never did rain with blender I wanted to try this with cycles.
2.) The original idea included a spider building a net in front of the traffic light. But as we are currently moving to another part of the city I simply didn’t know where to find the time to do this :wink:
3.) Once we’ll have finished moving, my way to work will be significantly longer. And looking out the window a realized, that the image may very well be a realistic look into my future :wink:

Thank you for the vote. And indeed it’s really nice to have so many great entries this week. This week my vote went to Kidus’ Wind Turbines. Actually, I’m surprised that there is only this one vote so far. I really like colors and perspective of this one. Also, there is one thing I have to ask: Are there more wind turbines within the mist/clouds or is it just me? If the clouds went away it wouldn’t surprise me if more turbines standing within some kind of Scottish highlands landscape would become visible.

=> Hatchnet:
‘Go!’ and ‘green’ seem to have triggered the same thought here :wink:

=> Ryeath:
It took me a moment to figure that one out. But as I don’t know anything about American Football, this isn’t that surprising. Go Ducks! right?

=> mik1190:
Very nice idea. And I fear that it may not be so far from the truth…

=> Staccato:
This is my number two. I almost had to flip a coin :wink: I really like the textures on the cooling towers. (I guess these are cooling towers?). Have you ever been inside one of these things? I went there some years ago - it is raining like hell inside the towers.

=> SomeSilverWings:
I guess they would have used some kind of endangered tropical timber, shipped it to China and had it carved out by little children :wink: Nice one!

=> Evivivi:
Another one that stands out. I’m still wondering what these few houses need all that energy for… ah - maybe they are freezing the ocean in order to stop the sea level from rising :slight_smile:

=> Ohjin:
Almost everyone seems to agree, that wind may be the way to go… poor bats :slight_smile:

=> TazDevyl:
Are these particles on the floor in front of the house? Or displacement? I wonder what it would look like with a more dramatic lighting setup (e.g. at night).

=> RobertT:
Nice details, as always! Is that a brain in there? Now it feels a little creepy;-) Remembers me of Körperwelten (Body Worlds) and ‘The Cathedral’.

So many great entries this week. Maybe we can allure even more people down to the lower parts of the forum in the future.
Happy voting everyone!

Helge: Yes, they are particles with a grass texture. I wanted to fix this up so badly, but my computer hates me. Im still learning. I just NOW found out that there were more things under where it says default, like the compositor… LOL

Thanks for the vote Helge! And to answer your question there are no more wind turbines within the mists. I just used a glare node with the glare type set to “Ghosts”.

I saw some images of wind turbines and i noticed they weren’t all facing in the same direction. I just tried to do that here. I think i may have overdid it though. :smiley: Thanks anyway!

All the entries this week were great. Good work everyone!

You are correct, the helmet and symbol are for the Oregon Ducks, a college here in Oregon (or what I believe the rest of the world call University). The school colors being yellow and green so a common cheer is “Go Green”. I knew the theme was basically about environmental issues, and since I am new to modeling and 3D art I knew my entry would probably be lacking in quality, so I choose the sports motif to be a little different.

I voted for mik1190 for the very reason you said, it is probably not far from the truth and it registered with my sarcastic / pessimistic sense of humor.

All the picture here are amazing and give me inspiration to keep learning beyond the basics I have learned so far.

As for RobertT, the work I have seen from him is awesome. I see what you were thinking about by seeing a brain. My first impression I see to female figures in it, one head & shoulders / arms for the major part of the picture and a smaller one in the middle in a ballet sort of pose.

Ryeath, Helge i’m glad you appreciated my entry, the idea was good but i spent little time developing it.

RobertT entry is, as other times, light years ahead. My first impression was something like plastic (becouse of recycling?) molecules representation on the left molding together to form “something” on the right.

To me, Ohjin’s entry looks like a good start on a commercial poster or artwork.

Now that you say it, I think I completely forgot about that. I have been switching the editor types quite a lot over the last few weeks - maybe that was unnecessary :slight_smile:

I must admit that I didn’t even know that there was a glare node (let alone the Ghost-Mode). Maybe that is because so far I completely ignored the compositing part of blender. But that is about to change :slight_smile: Thanks!

I think that this is generally a good contest strategy. After all, it would be quite boring if everyone sticked to the topic to literally.

Helge, Ryeath, and mik1190:

Thank you very much for your kind comments.

I enjoy hearing how people might see and interpret my works.

And I really enjoyed seeing all the entries to this challenge!

A lot of work went into all of them, and I appreciate all of your creative efforts!


The winner is Helge with 14 of the votes.

Hatchnet 0 | 0%
Ryeath 0 | 0%
mik1190 2 | 6.45%
Helge 14 | 45.16%
Kidus 1 | 3.23%
Staccato 4 | 12.90%
SomeSilverWings 1 | 3.23%
Evivivi 8 | 25.81%
Ohjin 1 | 3.23%
TazDevyl 0 | 0%

Thanks for voting everyone :slight_smile: I’ve learned a lot this time.
It has been great to have so many wonderful entries. Let’s see what happens this weekend!

Great entries and so many cheers for going Green. The texture work on the sides of the traffic lamp is cool Helge.