Challenge #537 (09/27/13) Entries CLOSED

Theme #537 for September 27 2013 is: In the Style of RobertT

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 8pm CST, Monday September 30 2013.

What does that even mean? “In the Style of RobertT”

like his style of pictures, I would join this one if it wasn’t for that

Very abstract with a mythological story behind it and i’d say use the compositor to blend up the scenes… oh generally bright, but always stunning :wink:

This link may be helpful:

and I believe this is his site:

I guess that means RobertT is going to win :). If he’s competing.
Most of his seem to be kind of, abstract I guess, and really cool.

It means this: Blender Guru Interview with Robert Tiess
Believe me, this isn’t going to be easy.

does this count?

I hope so, it took me about an hour and a half for the models alone.

also that is a Bezier Circle for the mouth and it is rigged with lattice, and i used for adding the background, signal and gradient, I then used Paint Shop Pro for the text itself.

hah, I wonder how many non-competing entries we’ll have

i know right

draw with meshes, paint with light, and use lots of proportional editing.

I hope this works. Pure entry, rendered with blender internal.

Haven’t been for a long here :slight_smile: nice to be back. Here is my entry: Blender logo from 500k triangles. EDIT: Pure entry.

Not sure how I feel about it…oh well.

I don’t think i have the blender skills for this week’s challenge :c

I made like 5 different projects trying to make things look weird with particles, spins, push/pulls, and odd duplications hoping that serendipity would click. but. Here’s the best one that i came up with d:

Pure entry by the way. All blender render.


Pratically my first kind of abstract render :slight_smile:
Partecipating pure entry: light drop

Probably i will give more time to adjust those lines and the overall image…
edit: less chaotic image.

Ok now, this is my first post , I hope it works for this kind of art
water on golden face ( lots of noises )

This was certainly a challenging week to replicate renders of such high standards. After some experimenting this is what I finally came up with. It is nowhere near as amazing as the artwork of RobertT but I had fun making it.

Pure Entry
Rendered in Cycles 500 samples

Good luck to all the other entries :smiley: