Challenge #537 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: In the Style of RobertT

Pure Entries


Blender Logo





light drop

water on golden face

Thalia Brunner
Live On

Virus Attack!



Fire camp

Rain Drops


“Waking to the scent of lilacs”

“Strong on Strings”

Non-competing Entries

Blender of Potentials

Man i got along way to go in blender…

I Agree with you Razc. If I could just understand how some of the images ‘got that way’ I would have tripled my Knowledge.

This is a really close one. I had to pick between 4 that were tied for first.

There is some really outstanding art here this week, whether or not it “looks like RobertT.” I’d like to commend HELIX even though I cast my vote for another. This is definitely a contest in which I would prefer that the choice was a set of check-boxes instead of one radio-button. :yes:

Thanks sundial! I agree…wish I had more votes too :yes:

And since I didn’t get a chance in the entries thread, thank you RT and Deltaray for the comments!

Everyone really went all out this week. Looks like everyone was inspired by RT (including myself) to try new things and really push the envelope. It’s not surprising though since I doubt there’s anyone who spends much time here that isn’t inspired by RT’s work in one way or another.

Great job everyone!!!

Voted for Thalia Brunner - that work looks simple but kind of awesome. :slight_smile: Cool perspective.

Sympathies also go to HELIX (I would never guess that was made in Blender), :slight_smile: Kirk_Wendel (interesting idea!) and Hatchnet (love how you used sheets of parer for clouds - and overall interesting concept, is has style. Also, nice use of Freestyle there). :slight_smile:

My vote goes to Thalia Brunner too. As I said I don´t have an eye for abstraction, so I can´t say if there is a “meaning” or “message” in the image, but I really like the forms fading in the distance and the multicolored edges of the drops.

Very beautiful work.

Another week full of great entries. I thought there would be fewer considering the daunting challenge posed by this weeks theme. I considered skipping this week myself considering my lack of experience and knowledge, but as noted in Razc’s signature, what’s the worse that could happen?

My favorites this week are Razc (which happens to be the closest in style to RobertT’s entry this week with it’s bright colors and clean lines), mik1190, Kaluura and Helix.

Staccato entry is interesting, I can’t help but envision a video game super imposed over a Van Gogh painting. I like it though.

I like Kirk Wendels entry also, The way it is made in very interesting. The only thing keeping it from a vote consideration was the stance of the soloist. The artistic side of my thinking just couldn’t overcome the rational side wanting to know why the soloist isn’t falling face down on his fiddle.

And as Kirk noted, if I could only understand only part of how these are made my knowledge would have improved immensley, like Hatchnet’s entry, I am curious how they achieved that 2D appearance or how RobertT made the glossy transparent reflections that give the impression of looking through a window at the blender. Was it a plane in front of the image with a transparent shader?, or done with an alpha channel in post processing compositor?

Congrats to all entries this week and it looks like a race between helix and Thalia Brunner (tied 8 - 8 as I type). Can’t wait to see how this ends.

It was a very tough decision…but i had to vote for HELIX.

The winner is HELIX with 11 of the votes!

TheBudder 0 | 0%
Jakej 0 | 0%
charlieamer 2 | 5.88%
TazDevyl 0 | 0%
Razc 0 | 0%
Hatchnet 0 | 0%
mik1190 3 | 8.82%
hydl2a 2 | 5.88%
Thalia Brunner 10 | 29.41%
Staccato 0 | 0%
Kaluura 2 | 5.88%
Kidus 2 | 5.88%
khalidsrri 0 | 0%
Ryeath 1 | 2.94%
blenderallday 1 | 2.94%
HELIX 11 | 32.35%
Kirk_Wendel 0 | 0%