Challenge #538 (10/04/13) Entries CLOSED

Theme #538 for October 04 2013 is: Commotion

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 8pm CST, Monday October 07 2013.

commotion… got nothing :stuck_out_tongue: I am on the other hand intrigued as to what some people might think of.

Mind commotion while thinking about future

Well I made it very simple cause of my poor laptop performance and quality, you can see with 3000 samples it is like noise itself :slight_smile:

so the box represents the future ( or whatever you are thinking about deeply ) and those hair like things are thoughts or problems you are asking yourself about that thing ( future ) or they could be whatever that disturbs your mind . (Obsession)

I’ve had fun making this. :smiley:
Gulls. Kind of.

Yeah… I guess they are. :smiley:

@XArgon: Funny! That expression of the gull in the middle… :smiley: But these are more like white ducks. Gulls have a pointy beak… and grey wings.

Pure entry, using Blender Internal.
I hope I didn´t misunderstood the theme; as I see it a supernova explosion is a cosmic- magnitude commotion.

Rock textures come from CgTextures and the planets from

Good luck to everyone.

Rendered in cycles, post-processing was done in Photoshop.

For full resolution, go to

Here is my attempt at an entry… I had several evolved ideas and planned on detailing the scene… but it took over 5 hours to render (10k passes to be clear) due to the motion blurred moving lamps.

Edit: Pure, 10k passes in Cycles (My Lux exporter wasn’t exporting with motion blur for some reason)

This probably makes no sense to some of you. But, I thought of the song “Causing a commotion” by Madonna…so decided to do her. Besides, back in the day, she DID cause a lot of commotion. :slight_smile:

Pure entry.
Image in the newspaper rendered in Cycles with 400 samples. I saved the image and added the texts. Then I used that as a texture in the final image…again done in cycles with 500 samples. Hope you like it :smiley:

Good luck everyone!!:smiley:

1n case a start is all it is…

Like others have mentioned here I began one picture just to figure out part way through I would never be able to produce in the allotted time at my current skill level, so I changed mid stride.

Pure entry, rendered in cycles. All models from scratch and textures painted in Ran out of time to do a few things I wanted, such as learn how to make smoke, so I was going to list as non competing, but with only a few entries this week I will make it competing. This week I used armatures for the first time, but the automatic weight paint didn’t work to well and my own attempt at weight painting wasn’t much better, so a couple turtles have some variance in poses, but nothing dramatic. At any rate I present…


Here is my non-competing entry:

Early Solar System


Crucible Comotion

Didn’t noticed the wood until now and the hair went clumpy… open :slight_smile: