Challenge #539 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Behind a Closed Door

Pure Entries


Something Eerie.

wrong door


The Dancer


Barrel Inn


Open Entries


Non-Competing Entries


Doors Being Key

Interesting, a 6 (almost 7) way tie…

I´m happy to see the variety of ideas on this weeks entries. What I had in mind when proposed the theme was close to XArgon´s or bjornxon images, but all other alternatives are also fascinating…being trapped behind a closed door or letting someone or something outside, or being oneself when you think you are hidden behind a closed door.
Each image has it´s own qualities but, having to choose only one, my vote was for mik1190, because of the great materials and the humorous approach to the theme. It made me laugh out loud.
Thanks to all the contestants and congrats for your great works.

I had a hard time choosing between mik1190 and lucas3d, but in the end I went with lucas3d. I really liked mik1190’s textures and the suggestion was very funny but lucas3d was such a pretty picture and it gave me a sense of peace as though the tentacle monster was just trying to get in to make friends.

I also really think the textures on staccato’s door are excellent. Were those down loaded or did you make them yourself?

RobertT’s entry once again left me stupefied. I spent 20 minutes just looking at it try to see all there is and I kept finding more stuff. Amazing.

I’m surprised I got a few votes since I figured my entry would be way out of the expected, but I’m happy I am making progress. These challenges are a fun way to get out of my modeling comfort zone.

I am very glad you liked my entry :smiley:

The winner is mik1190 with 7 of the votes!

TazDevyl 0 | 0%
XArgon 5 | 15.63%
mik1190 7 | 21.88%
bjornxon 3 | 9.38%
Ryeath 4| 12.50%
Evivivi 4 | 12.50%
rawstar 5 | 15.63%
lucas3d 4 | 12.50%
Jaredcfw 0 | 0%

Thanks all for appreciation, i just wrote to Quandtum the title for next week :slight_smile:

Thaks for your comment Ryeath. All the textures on the image come from CGTextures, some of them with a little tweaking in Photoshop Elements.