Challenge #54 Entries (06/20/03) CLOSED

Theme #54 for 20 June 2003 is: Abstract

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 23 June 2003.

Like the ‘dirty bedroom’ in the Tate Modern?


Ok here is my pure entry. Took me about 2 hours all together. Hope you like it.
<Click here for larger image>

Here’s my entry



Took me about 1hour. I did this without knowing what I doing so it should be abstract :wink:

I’ll try and put some effort into it. Placeholder.

I was going to enter, but I didn’t have the time… maybe next week

Heh 99% probability i wont participate. What the hell am i supposed to make for this??

OK, I would enter, but seeing as the topic is abstact then it’ll get thousands of entries, so I won’t win. If I did enter then it’d have to be something to do with random shapes and stuff.

I don’t know how you work this, so I’ll just post my picture link here.

Enos Shenk quipped:

Heh 99% probability i wont participate. What the hell am i supposed to make for this??

Isn’t that what you said the last time you won? :wink:

it’s a cool pic…but I don’t think it can be use here…because you posted this a few day ago…and the rule say that you must make the pic during the weekend :wink:

that happened before, if you make the entry before the weekend, it becomes open.

oh ok, sorry I didn’t know how it worked. Thanks for the info, I might try to make another.

i guess ill try again, i dont even know what abstract means… completely, but im sure that this qualifies.
this link now only has my red white and blue butterfly image. so this is my entry!!!

hmmm… this sounds like something you’d do in photoshop…
Ill givi it a try for a pure entry though.


muzzy, using a picture as a texture doesn’t make your entry open. The things that make an open entry is heavy model reuse (meaning you modelled most of it before the weekend) or using an outside renderer. There are a couple more little things, but just because you used a picture, your entry is still pure.
And because of that i would enter your second one, as you can only have 1 entry.

Let’s call this one ‘birth’ :slight_smile:

pure entry, I really don’t have time for anything right now, but for abstracts you don’t need to know what you are doing, and no matter how it turns out you can always say it comes from your heart, so I decided to enter this one :smiley:

Something abstract: a blue flower, the metaballs are a cool tool :smiley:

happy modelling

Here’s My First Entry in the Weekend Challenge

Thanks to enos for getting me into Blender :wink:

Here is my entery:

Really pure


i made it in 2 and a half hours :smiley: