Challenge #541 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Brobdingnagian

Pure Entries



Martin Schurig

Enos Shenk

Stairway of the Colossus


improbable giant

Anthills of Giza

Curious Giant

Jack’s Discovery!

When you die, a giant will come and take you away

Open Entries

Non-Competing Entries


Voted for Martin Schurig - liked the idea and the dramatic perspective on the ant’s head… :slight_smile:

Also, Evivivi’s work has some pretty awesome quality to it. :slight_smile:

@SonnySee: I really like the work on the tires. Those are some truly Brobdingnagian wheels :smiley: And you did a good job on the paintwork.

@CubeGod: Okay…this is good for a 30 min. work :slight_smile: I also like the “megalazerübermissile” :smiley:

@Martin Schurig: Yep, point of view is a very important thing. I really like the soccer ball. Nice work! The only thing the ball is missing is a little specular value. Overall, it’s good.

@Enos Shenk: This is another great entry. Very good texturing work. I really like the details like the nails on the crate. Very good work!

@Staccato: Very nice modeling and texturing work. At first I thought it was just a regular sized stair…until I saw the trees at the bottom. Really good job.
But I think the camera’s position is a bit high. I’m not sure but I think it would’ve looked better if it was just above the ground. But nevertheless, you did a good job :slight_smile:

@Zeelpal: Now this is one of my favorite entries. I like the characters. Specially that little guy :smiley: And the facial expressions of the boxes. Nice Work!

@mik1190: This is also another great entry. I like how he’s carrying the moon like a basketball :slight_smile: I see you went for that “cartoon” style by giving your character four fingers. I really never understood why cartoon characters have four fingers :smiley: Anyway, nice work!

@Jaredcfw: This is good. I see the grasses are on top of the ground, i think they should be coming out of the ground. And also it would’ve been great if you lowered the camera position…to about the ant’s face (just my opinion) :slight_smile:

@Ryeath: Nice entry. I could see how the eyebrows would have made a difference, but still this is a very good work. One thing I have to ask though, your image file sizes are really big. It takes a while to load your image in my browser. I think it’s better if you use a JPEG format or upload it directly to BA…because it is hard for people (with slow internet connections) to view your image and vote on it :slight_smile:

@DRoss: Jack and the Beanstalk was one of my favorites stories when I was a kid :smiley: Nice modeling. I like the texture on the beanstalk. And also I like the clouds. Nice work.

@Evivivi: This is also a very good entry. I like everything, the modeling on the giant, the patients, the chair, the debris…everything! One thing that bugs me is cloth of the patient sitting on the floor. It looks like the patient is wearing a cloth made of cardboard… :smiley: Other than that, it is very good!

@RobertT: This is a very good image. Very nice colors and good lighting. I like the planet and the stars…and some of the stars have a streak and some of them don’t (I have no idea how you did that):slight_smile: Anyway, excellent work. I really enjoy seeing your great entries every week.

Well, it was very hard for me to vote this week. It’s hard to choose from all these great entries. I finally narrowed it down to Zeelpal’s and Evivivi’s image. Then finally I decided to vote for Evivivi. :slight_smile:

I hope you had fun and learnt something new!
Good Job Everyone!

Thanks for the advice Kidus. I just render the image then hit F3 and upload to ImageShack and post a link. I think it saves as a PNG file (which I had never heard of until using Blender). I assume then there must be a way to change it to save as JPEG. I will look into it and try using a JPEG and see if that makes a difference.

No, I do not suggest you save it as JPEG. I suggest that you upload it as JPEG. An image saved as JPEG is highly compressed and you may lose something if you use that format to save your renders. Here’s what you can do: Save your render as the default PNG, take it into an image editing software (like GIMP, Photoshop) and then export it to JPEG after adjusting the quality to match the file size you want (the lower the file size, the lower the quality). After doing that post that image here on BlenderArtists and if you want you can provide a link to the original PNG file.

Well, that explains why mine were coming out crappy lately. They weren’t before, and I never changed the jpg extension. Nothing changed, then poof they started look blurry, and couldnt figure it out. Maybe thats it.

Sorry I missed out this week, no time due to car issues. Great entries though! Good luck to all!

Congratulations to everyone on another imaginative and commendable set of entries!

In response to Kidus:

Thank you! My approach to that star effect goes like this: when using Blender’s internal star system, I raise the Colors setting of the stars while lowering the Glare (Simple Star) node’s Threshold value so that node detects the brighter (nearly #ffffff) stars and yields beams.


Thanks Kidus for the comments. I started off trying to make a low poly truck with huge tires but had so much fun making the tires I decided to make it a toy ‘monster truck’. I learned a bunch doing it and had a great time to boot. I am looking forward to what zealpal will choose for the next challenge as that excellent entry seems to be the runaway favorite.

Not an easy decision, but I finally voted for zeealpal, maybe because I find it´s the most equilibrated entry. It has impressive texturing and lighting and also tells a story. The closest one in my opinion was Evivivi; the idea of a giant taking away the dead is brilliant…and a little disturbing.

In response to Kidus:

Thanks for your comment. You´re absolutely right, a lower camera angle had been better for the image. Or maybe I had to put more size references besides the trees.

The winner is zeealpal with 17 of the votes!

SonnySee 1 | 2.94%
CubeGod 1 | 2.94%
Martin Schurig 1 | 2.94%
Enos Shenk 1 | 2.94%
Staccato 1 | 2.94%
zeealpal 17 | 50.00%
mik1190 0 | 0%
Jaredcfw 0 | 0%
Ryeath 0 | 0%
DRoss 5 | 14.71%
Evivivi 7 | 20.59%

Wohoo!!! :slight_smile: I must say Evivivi’s reander closest matches to what I would have taken as ‘giant’.
I had no idea what to do, then I remembered I had always wanted to model a Danbo, so this was a motivation to do that. The rest kinda came together as it went.

Good luck with the next competition!