Challenge #543 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Game On!

Pure Entries

Game Face

gaming rig on!

Game On!

– Two Baseballs

Hello there lil’ fishy…




Open Entries

Mario Vs. Sonic


Non-Competing Entries



Loved em all! however p33p nailed the same mood I felt when I heard the theme this week.

I was torn between p33p and kidus. Having just bathed my cat I had to go with p33p though. Great work all of you guys.

Thank you for the kind words. I have struggled with box modeling for a long time and decided to give poly by poly a try and it was so much more effective for me than previous attempts. This weekend challenge was a break through moment.

As always great work everyone!! Keep inspiring!

i voted for p33p ( nice job ) but i also considered voting for citabomb ( also nice job ). chess players are a little crazy, so i think the scene works well.
(edit) this is the inside cover of an old chess program called ‘chess maniac’. i think it’s a great illustration.

Some really great entries this week.
When trying to come up with a theme I tried to pick one that could be interpreted in a variety of ways and I have to admit I was not disappointed in the results. Quite a few I could see as high resolution backgrounds for my computer.
I have learned more doing these challenges in just a few short weeks than I did in the months before.

Thanks to for this forum, and to the maintainers of this thread. It gives a great place for even a casual hobbyist like me to find new ways to enjoy using Blender.

Annoyingly, I have only one vote to cast …

The winner is p33p with 11 of the votes!

Ryeath 0 | 0%
mik1190 2 | 5.13%
Evivivi 5 | 12.82%
blenderallday 1 | 2.56%
p33p 11 | 28.21%
Kidus 5 | 12.82%
DRoss 5 | 12.82%
MrKrabju 2 | 5.13%
TazDevyl 2 | 5.13%
ctdabomb 6 | 15.38%

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