Challenge #544 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: My Next Life

Pure Entries

My next life as a robot

life bit.





In my next life, I’m coming back rich.

Non-Competing Entries


Amazing work RobertT!

Hey Y’all!
im a new blenderhead. Is that what we are called? Anyway I have been looking at the weekend challenge for a while now and have been wondering why you never enter RobertT? All your pics are cool but also always non-competing. Why?
Nice entries everybody.

Tight race going on between Kidus and Sonny See. Should be fun to watch how it turns out.

My vote went to Sonny See, I thought it was a nice interpretation of the theme as well as a very nice looking picture. I liked MrKrabju picture also but as others have said it would have been nice to be able to read the entire poem.

I almost didn’t submit mine this week because I didn’t expect anyone to understand the background. I searched for the comedy skit that inspired it and found it. From 1980 Saturday Night Live TV show
(about 0:45 explains my picture) if anyone is interested.

Great entries again this week as usual.

Ryeath, thanks for the link, and the laugh. Now your image makes sense and I see how it fits the theme. I work in the manufacturing end of stainless steel products such as counter tops and kitchen equipment and when I first saw your entry I thought you had done a poor job with the texturing on the stainless. However, having seen the video, I understand that this is not supposed to be a well maintained kitchen that would pass a routine inspection, but rather a real rotten, dead end job. Knowing that those are grease stains on the equipment, not only makes me cringe at the thought of eating anything from out of that kitchen, but makes me feel sorry for what’s floating about four feet off the ground. Well done. :slight_smile:

the grime would have probably showed better if I could have managed to get some displacement on my textures. I also ran out of time to dirty up the legs and the floor and add the Ansul system. I’m still to slow to try and get so complex for a weekend challenge, but I am getting quicker each week. Your picture, as usual, is outstanding in it’s simplicity! I should learn to think in terms of less stuff and better quality.

Excellent entries, everyone! I especially appreciate the attention to details and creativity in each piece!

MrKrabju: Thank you! My image was inspired by the concepts of Karma, Dharma, and Samsara.

SonlenofBlender: Yes, Blenderheads we are :yes:

To answer your question, I enter as “non-competing” (or, as they say, “non-participating”) for several reasons.

One reason being for the honor of participating in a creative and friendly challenge in such a way that could be selfless and considerate, where I would, at most, be “competing” with myself.

Another reason being the surprise of each weekend’s topic when someone else picks it.

I have participated in many WCs in the past, and with encouraging feedback and results, all of which helped me grow as an artist and as a person, but it has come to mean so much more for me, over the years, to have that encouragement shared with and preserved for others.

Above all, I really want everyone in the challenges to do well and have a chance to use these WCs, as I have (and continue to do): to learn and develop technical, artistic, cognitive, and other potentials.

And this really does happen! I can see Blender artists improving all of the time, and that’s such a wonderful thing.

These challenges continue to produce incredible positivity, and I’m grateful for that.


(Update: Since this question has popped up frequently over the years, I have archived this response at my website.)

The winner is Kidus with 11 of the votes!

Kidus 11 | 37.93%
mik1190 4 | 13.79%
SonnySee 8 | 27.59%
Ryeath 1 | 3.45%
MrKrabju 2 | 6.90%
Evivivi 3 | 10.34%
TazDevyl 0 | 0%