Challenge #545 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Solitude

Pure Entries


Enos Shenk


F.I.P. (Fish In Peace)



solitary tree

Wish You Were Here…


Open Entries

The Tune of the Reindeer

Non-Competing Entries

Not an Island

Some great entries this week.
I only wish I had more than one vote to cast.

I like the Island Idea. Took me a while to understand and to find the “solitude”…but nice! Because of that i did vote another picture.

Didn’t get time to enter this week :(. Oh well, nice entries this week everybody.

Nice work everyone!
It’s nice to see such remarkable entries from everybody. I wanted to enter a non-competing entry this week but couldn’t get the time.
I had hard time choosing between several entries…but I finally went with SonnySee’s work. All the entries were great (i also liked the animations:)). And what a brilliant work by RobertT.

I hope you had fun everyone!

The winner is Enos Shenk with 9 votes.

Piet 1 | 2.86%
Enos Shenk 9 | 25.71%
zeealpal 4 | 11.43%
Ryeath 0 | 0%
SonnySee 7 | 20.00%
khalidsrri 1 | 2.86%
mik1190 4 | 11.43%
rawstar 8 | 22.86%
TazDevyl 0 | 0%
Razc 1 | 2.86%

Being that it seems like we are going to be starting a day late, is there any possibility of extending it one day (Tuesday instead of Monday?)

It says no in the Sticky Thread.

Winner gets 24 hours to respond with a topic. If not then one will be randomly selected. This week in particular people are likely traveling for the holiday.