Challenge #546 (11/29/13) Entries CLOSED

Theme #546 for November 29 2013 is: Vibrant Contrast

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 8pm CST, Monday December 02 2013.

Pure Cycles 500, HDR in Photoshop.
(Spiral Contrast)

“…the softly lit petals of the flower stood out in vibrant contrast to the cold grey walls of the armored battle station, a constant reminder to the weary rebel troops of the world they were fighting to save.”

pure entry, cycles 1000 sample, flower textures made in the rest cycles procedural. Took forever, and a fair amount of forum searching, to find a lighting scheme that did not produce fireflies.


Violet on white.
Open entry as i get the base flower and leaf from an old project.
Simple violets bouquet on fresh snow; the material of this last one is not convincing me very much but render times where going high…maybe later i will try other approaches.

Pure entry
I’m not quite sure if this entry matches the theme (I hope the lights and colors make it ‘vibrant’) :confused: but here it is. I tried to make the aliens from War of the Worlds. I’m not quite happy with the result. It was rendered in cycles with 1024 samples. Stars were made in Blender Internal. Composited in the compositor.
Well, I hope you like it.

Good Luck Everyone!:smiley:

Sorry guys, I was distracted with holiday stuff and completely forgot to check results. Apparently the theme was random-picked for me.

Good luck!

Pure entry. Rendered in cycles with 300 samples.
Some very minor post processing in Gimp.

Here is my non-competing entry:



my first entry (“spartans never die”)
pure render
i hope it meets the requirements.

“1.6 Million tris plus too much coffee”
This is an example of why not to mix a lot of coffee with particle systems and motion blur.

No worries. In the future (to you and everyone else), if you know you’re going to be gone can PM me before you leave with the would-be topic should you win (even if you don’t think you’ll win). I’ve had a few do that before and it has worked well.

I hope you enjoyed the holiday stuff.

Sorry, another late entry. open.

Trying to finish my entry!!

Cycles+CPU rendering=slow

Yay! My first entry. I’ll try to render it out at with more samples but it may take a while…
Um ok it is pure, rendered with cycles can’t think of anything else that needs to be here so…
light vs. dark