Challenge #55 Entries (06/27/03) CLOSED

Well, ada89 didn’t give me a topic fast enough, so I’ll supply one of my own.

Theme #55 for 27 June 2003 is: Ships

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 30 June 2003.

Withdrawing from this week, not enuf time available.

Good luck to all.:smiley:


Ships as in any type of ship? (ie. ocean ship, or space ship?)

I hope it includes spacecraft… That’s what I’m doing if I get it finished before the topic closes this time.

I’ll put my placeholder right here.
You never know… I think I’m going at spaceship or sumthing.

Well, what do you know. I made it. And in time. My “ship”:

And larger


Fully made in Blender, expect for the textures ofcourse.

I hope this qualifies… I mean, topic said “Ships” and a spaceship is a ship. Just a modern one. :smiley:

Placeholder (as long as Blender doesn’t bug out on me again)

This ship took me all of saturday to model and get some primary textures and all of sunday to render and create the environment. You can’t teach an old pig new tricks, but this one certainly has sharpened his old ones :wink: It took about a half hour for the final render.

Ugh. Count me out of this one. Non-Placeholder.

Why can’t we do anything really creative? (I’ve got plenty of those.)

hehe the first Uplaod here :smiley: and I’ll certainly not be the first in the rank…lol

It’s a space pirat ship :stuck_out_tongue:
(click the image to see the big one)

Revenge of the Sea

Thumbnail, click on it:)

Pure entry.
I don’t know, if this qualifies here. I created it today in about 6 hours exclusively for this challenge, and it has a ship thingy, but I’m not sure if the image should be about the ship only.
Please tell me if the image doesn’t show, or if my image doesn’t fit the topic of this challenge.

A camel - the ship of the desert.

ROFL :smiley:
No offence Hippie, but this entry reminds me of the Alien Sex Fiend song “Drive My Rocket (Up Uranus)” :smiley:

Jolly Gnome: If that wakes sensations in your head, you should see the ship right from the front. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sigmund would love my “vessel”

Didn’t have much time, but here it is: It’s a converted battleship - luxury apartments below deck and a restaurant above. Pure blender entry.

P.S. If it doesn’t work, then refresh a couple of times :wink:

here’s my pure entry

OK here is my pure pic. Its the Monitor at dock from the Civil War. Tried to make it look like an old picture.
Click here for larger image.

Don’t like the water though :slight_smile:

Origami Icebreaker (very allegorical, isn’t it?)


(as I am taking part in these contests, I see more and more things that I do not know about Blender, which stand in between my idea and the final image, and this makes me want to learn :))

This is my Egyptian ship…errr…raft…errr…whatever. It’s pure (I think), rendered in Blender, got the thatch-texture (or the texture that’s supposed to look like thatch - on the roof :-? ) and the wood-textures from Google and I used the Caustic Generator to aid in the creation of the water.
A very special thanks goes out to all the folks from #blenderchat, especially ScottishPig, for their bottomless pit of support and knowledge :wink: .
Just FYI, the water you see before you is actually a river and not an ocean. :expressionless:

So I bet you’re already druling with anticipation, so I won’t keep you any longer, here is the link: