Challenge #55 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Ships

Pure Entries

hippie [list:343582a292]
Well, what do you know. I made it. And in time. My “ship”:

This ship took me all of saturday to model and get some primary textures and all of sunday to render and create the environment. You can’t teach an old pig new tricks, but this one certainly has sharpened his old ones It took about a half hour for the final render.

It’s a space pirat ship :stuck_out_tongue:

Revenge of the Sea’

A camel - the ship of the desert.

Didn’t have much time, but here it is: It’s a converted battleship - luxury apartments below deck and a restaurant above.

here’s my pure entry

Its the Monitor at dock from the Civil War. Tried to make it look like an old picture.

Origami Icebreaker (very allegorical, isn’t it?)

This is my Egyptian ship…errr…raft…errr…whatever. It’s pure (I think), rendered in Blender, got the thatch-texture (or the texture that’s supposed to look like thatch - on the roof ) and the wood-textures from Google and I used the Caustic Generator to aid in the creation of the water.
A very special thanks goes out to all the folks from #blenderchat, especially ScottishPig, for their bottomless pit of support and knowledge .
Just FYI, the water you see before you is actually a river and not an ocean.


Mine should read ‘Revenge of the Sea’, sorry if I screwed up my entry post %|

adn the vote goes to… HIPPIE for the funky design of the ship, keep it groovy, man :wink:

My vote had to go to thor. It reminded me of the TV show ReBoot and it almost seemed like I was looking at a little bi-nome ship sitting on a 32 bit ocean. I guess it was just the simplicity of the ship still looked like it belonged on that kind of water setting.

Oh yeah, by the way I was going to create a postman, because he ships mail :smiley:

It doesn’t say on the voting poll – but please if my image doesn’t work then press F5 (Refresh) a few times. I think breezeland is still suffering from the dos attack it had a few days ago.

Nice application of textures and humor.

Definitely cassiopea, nice looking ship.

damn, Anton42… that’s one of the most beautiful WC entries I’ve seen… it just oozes of calmness and coldness… aah… I love winter.
simple execution, a bit of a futuristic abstract touch on it… and yet, the mountains on the left, are smooth and almost surreal.

it’s … just… beautiful.


The bogbean’s win this turn for me. It’s funny.

Oh my GOSH!! I’ve got votes! Oh My gosh!
My freudian dreamship really got votes… oooh… maybe I even have 5 votes or so. I am so exited thar I could just burst.

And I am the only one, who hasn’t any votes. No wonder, how could one understand the fear when the spirit of the sea takes the form of a huge wave and is about to drown you? :smiley:
(Well, yeah, gotta learn to show my ideas clearer.)

Don’t fret - I voted for you. We can’t have everyone else getting a vote and not you.
It was a pretty good entry - certainly didn’t deserve no votes at all.

Trouble with this voting system is if there’s one or two favourites, the others end up with very few, or zero. We ought to have several votes to spread around.

Someone voted for me :smiley:
And I also voted for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I already knew id more then likely be voting for the pig. Nobody does the ships like him.

But erk’s entry made me laugh until i spit pepsi out my nose, thus causing me to break my WC voting policy.


I don’t know what to say… Yesterday I was generally depressed and planning to drop all this artsy stuff altogether, due to total lack of skill and talent… Your words of encouragement are very important to me (deserved or not ;)). Thank you.

My vote goes to bogbean, for the most creative topic interpretation.



I thought I’d comment about every entry, as looking through them I have my favourites, but I’d also like to comment about what or why something didn’t grab me… it’s personal taste most of the time :o

hippies ship never made it to my favs, I’ve looked at it closer, I’ve never really been a spaceship person so maybe that’s why. It’s a nice ship and the design is original, from what I’ve seen anyway. Nice model and the background effects… but maybe it’s lacking something… some story line… abit of history or reason it’s there?

X WARRIORS ship went straight into my favs just by looking at the thumbnail! The magnificent colours and the old style of ship took my interest… I’m an Unreal fan at heart and it’s a good reason why!! :stuck_out_tongue:
The ship, or at least the base of it isn’t very detailed… but I don’t think it needed to be… the wooden colours and the red glow the ship emits is absolutely gorgeous!

Erufailon… you scared me! I’ll admit the head model reminds me of the creepy dolls you see in old book stores or in late night spook stories… no disrespect to the girl, but she does look cackling… not in a nasty way… just a word that says what’s on my mind at first hand… I had a hard time putting this in my favs, so I’m sorry to say it never made it… I was also lost that I thought it was based underwater… but after a careful look I noticed the fish and the water splash coming UP… and the heads on a boat?.. there’s no body also which is freaky… makes you shudder!
The big wave in the background looks more like marine like rocks or hard sand type corel reef… it played with my mind alot… so yes maybe you could of shown it better… but it has made me think now about it … so yours has given me something to think about, which is good in a picture…
thoasand words anyone? and in under a second? 8)
p.s. nice fish

bogbean… strange man… a camel… ok… with sails… right…

on rollerblades…

have you been eating properly lately? or been silly like me? :x I don’t know where on earth or universe your idea came from, but it’s good to see everyone thinks differently [!]
never made my favs, mostly due to the grainy/unfinished look to it… that I expect may I add… don’t take crits personally, as not everyone will agree with you!! I think the sails blowing effect/feel could of been looked at more closely, as I like some REALISM! :stuck_out_tongue:
For a simple/strange idea; I think it’s great! but it never made the favs :expressionless:
p.s. nice blues in the background!

thor… no favs this time either… and it’s one of the pictures I havn’t spent much time looking at… I suppose I don’t see much in the picture apart from a battle ship… the idea of guns and war etc aren’t getting much interest in me lately… although a game on BF1842 occasionally hit me… but I try and play properly like I was there for some respect… eek!
The model looks half detailed and half plain/basic… the mix of the two draws attention away and towards different parts… also the water ‘waves’ look more like it’s from Total Annihilation… floating on metallic paint, as the reflection of the mast is… well… very clear!.. infact the blurry reflection appeals to me much more than the whole scene itself… the blue ‘sea’ and the reflection is a thumbs up :slight_smile:

erk! fav folder time :smiley: I’ve gotta say the first impression I got … the whole picture fits my screen… no scrolling up or down etc which helps… the focal blur, the idea of plastic ships/men … and the look on that duck and what it’s doing is just CRUEL!! :<
I’ll admit I can see an evil side to you… what have you been watching/reading? [!] The red boat model is gorgeous… the green (alive) man - given thin arms - is a good touch… the bath and the water?.. hmm… well the bath you can get away with… further away and more blurry… but the ‘foamy’ water seems a mix of liquid/powder/sludge…
also the ducks texture/material could of been tweaked alittle… maybe some shading work or a splash of wear n tear… overall… I liked :slight_smile:
p.s. sick man %|

Idgas… a good idea… but the feel of the photo doesn’t match what I’d expect of the model… the ship seems too rounded on the deck/front/bow/stern whatevA :expressionless: … and you have a beautifuly crafted structure being held up… again… mixing of plain/basic and detail… it draws attention away or messes with the head… hmm… the docks I don’t mind as much being rounded… as it doesn’t need as much detail so you don’t have many curves… the hills in the background look great also…
If you helped out the picture by redoing the bettom part of the ship to suit the top part more I’d be more interested… and the fact I’ve got into World War games means I’m expecting a war ship… and not something like a ship from Myst… which I changed my view and thought this would fit right at home in… still the rounded bubble wouldn’t suit it… sorry…
nice B&W effects, great idea… no personal attack on your roundness… keep it like it if you want :P… didn’t hit my fav spot right away… kinda sloping towards it because you took me out of the WW feel and more towards the Myst style I like and havn’t seen for awhile… but it’s that ROUNDNESS!!! ARGH! :Z

Anton! Oh My! :Z I’m impressed… I can’t say much about this piece as it speaks for itself… you’ve done something right here :slight_smile:
One crit :stuck_out_tongue: the iceberg in the background is too roundy for the blocky front portion of the scene… out of place if you see where I’m coming from… still… it’s not bothering me that much…
p.s. I love the FX… the cracked ice is just enough to keep my eyes busy to follow it along then admire the rest of the picture… if you can make an enlarged picture… say 800x600 or 1024… keeping it a deserted as it is… or maybe added a igloo or penguin (blocky!) if you feel it needs it… then send me a copy!! I’d be happy to have this as a wallpaper for awhile!
[email protected]
p.s. yes… a hotmail account! , oh… and that structure to the right… is it a ship or ice? … I love it :Z

Cassiopea… last but not least… and of course… not too late!
An Egyptian ship hmm? maybe I would of perked more if you said something along the lines of an eastern country… thailand, china… those types… I have more interest there… although Egypt is very mysterious and I plan to take a book out on the pyramids and discoveries of Egypt when I get my head sorted out!
I may be able to see what scene you had in your minds eye whilst creating this piece… as the plentiful water reaching out to the horizon… keeping the soil refeshed and supple… the greenery branching up towards the light… the heat of the sun… the (wind?) blowing (gently?) causing an almost heavily bliss… and there in the foreground a magnificent, not techinoligical… but clever, useful … and necessary sailing ship (or whatveer :stuck_out_tongue: )
I can see it… and it looks/feels nice… but your scene seems to lack the lighting… the essence… the feel which makes you want to breathe out and release all the tension in your body…
the floating part of the boat is beautifully designed and crafted… the colours go well… but the posts and the roofing could of been greatly improved I feel… maybe something on the horizon filling the right side… as I can see some black blips starting to show (can be trick of eye/light… so no biggy)… but the scene feels empty… some reeds or lillies sprouting out of the water… not just plain … empty… no…

hmm… it didn’t hit my favs… but I wish you’d have possibly done more with this piece as it could of been spectacular… ok your not professional… but you don’t need to be! I don’t expect great graphics from everybody… and it’d be sad if that’s all we looked at/for in a picture…

ANYWAY… I must of brief! ahem 8)

I will now choose who is the winner… and I can see how hard it is for judges who like a good handful… especially after careful thinking… I’m not an artist at heart… I don’t do much modeling… in fact hardly anyway… but I have made and admired levels in games… unreal was an engine that was beyond all at it’s time :stuck_out_tongue: in my knowledge!.. I had great ideas in my minds eye … so I think I have enough to judge some art/design…

ANYWAY!!.. I MUST… be BRIEF! :expressionless:

I choose…

I completely missed out scottishpig…



If I can remember… it could of been a close fav… but I can’t say I did… the colours of the water and skyline… pretty they are blending away with each other… also scarey… red water? :o
The model is nicely done… and if you say you made this in the time you did I’m impressed again! I havn’t been out on many boats or rivers/lakes etc lately… so I can’t say if the reflection is of true nature… but it looks great anyway :slight_smile:
the only crits I have… are the sails seems too plain… you could of added more stains… they seem too clean [!] also the ‘wood’ sticking out from the front… what’s it called? :expressionless:
I’m not a ship enthusiast :-?
it seems like it’s not properly connected… shouldn’t be there… not fitting right… lighting? texture? somethings odd…
nice image anywho…


winner >


ok you may never of guessed it, and I had to go through afew times… I suppose now thinking about it it was a close match between Cassi and ID… but I think Cassi could of put more into it … the picture didn’t give me that feeling that I wanted… and it was more me that gave me a wow feeling… thanks for the initial bump start though %|
Give a man idea and he can change it around and find something useful that may be completly different… but it’s were that idea came from that helped him counts just as much… or more!

ID… I’ll let you go on that lightweight floater you’re using to hold up that cast iron or heavy looking steam ship/myst esque crazy machine!.. I liked the attempt of giving it an old look… that was done nicely… the greyscale colours went well together… especially the background… that water and the hills look fantastic! Just try and sort out the ship and docks… add some more and keep fiddling with that baby!

I hope you’re happy with my result…

Good luck!

tx man :smiley:

yea exactly, sp…

Scottish Pig: you make WAY too many ships in your time!!!

Geez, the detail on that is awesome!

X-Warrior’s is great, too!

erk gets special mention, as well as cassiopea