Challenge #555 (01/31/14) Entries CLOSED

Theme #555 for January 32 2014 is: Fragile

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 8pm CST, Monday February 03 2014.

Hi all!

Here’s my entry (pure). It’s been a while and I’m a bit rusty, but nonetheless:

Good luck to the rest!

My entry for this week. Rendered in cycles. And post processing done in the compositor.

I hope this message appears. This is my first attempt to sned an entry I hope you like it.

“Chess Piece”

I always liked these mock crime scene renders, where like a carrot kills a horseradish.

That chess render is awesome! Really love the theme!

" Broken lighter "

" Broken Lighter "

Well i had a few ideas for this week but i think i’d rather do something simple and not worry over it the entire weekend this time and work on some other projects d:

I’ll admit this idea is closely based off of something though. If anyone ever use to play the game “Runescape” There was a fortress called the fortress of security in barbarian village. It kept descending further underground past monsters and each floor was based of different disasters and had an opposing reward at the end of it. The first floor was based on War with a reward about peace. The second floor was based off Famine and drought and the reward was a large bag of grain. The 3rd floor was poison and the reward had something to do with health, and the final floor was Death with ghosts and spirits and undead monsters attacking you and the reward was in a nice dark little room. Amongst the dark room there was a very soft and inviting sound track, you could hear little voices, and in the middle of the room was a soft shining light gleaming down on a small cradle. The cradle was the final reward and it was Life.

Pure entry obviously. Lookin forward to seeing what everyone else makes :slight_smile:

Good subject this week. I like the chess entry, especially the little police hat on the one.

Didn’t spend a lot of time on this, to busy getting the house ready for the big game and associated festivities tomorrow.

My entry, pure, rendered in cycles, 1000 samples. Tiny bit of post pro in
(and yes, all the cards are there, just not all visible :slight_smile: )


johanvdm, Ryeath, thank you. I put the police hat on at the very end. The scene was missing something, and it adds a little humor to it. It looked funnier with the hat a bit over sized.

Ryeath, I like the house of cards. Good idea, and nice render.

@blenderallday Great idea, and really eye catching
@Ryeath Nothing more fragile than a house of cards, nicely done.

“Handle with care”
A bit of style from wile coyote cartoons, pure entry, rendered in BI, 19 seconds including compositing :smiley:

Dendelion macro shot.
Using my 350mm Cycles camera with an amazing F2.6.

“The Shipment”

Pure entry, everything is modeled in blender, rendered with cycles, the box and table texture was made in gimp, the logo on the mug was also drawn in gimp

@mik1190, i instantly thought of wile coyote without reading you description, well [email protected], i like the story your picture tells, the police hat just adds the scene

Yes, render finished in time :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve seen some nice entries so far, and another cardhouse, so this is going to be really exciting.
Good luck to you all

This is my Non-Competitive entry:

@@reflector36 I feel you’ve missed a trick not making the broken glass red.

Lovely render though, I particularly like the bubble-wrap.

Or something like that.

Got started far too late. It’s bedtime now… blah.