Challenge #573 (06/13/14) Entries OPENED - [ Candlelight ]

Theme #573 for June Friday 13th 2014 is: Candlelight

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday June 16th 2014.

Hi again!

Well another entry, the background
Blender internal and nodes post process:

A greeting!

heres my entry
i call it “The lights flicker”

i gave it a try!

i titled it ‘old and alone’

thanks for the challenge! it taught me how to make fire!

Meh i tried :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my non-competing entry:



Hey all

It’s my first time attempting a weekend challenge (but have wanted to have a go for some time now) so finally decided to give it a blast.

My interpretation to “candle light” was to create a humanoid weeping at the sight of a candle flame being extinguished.
All was made within blender apart from the candle smoke added via photoshop (i guess that does make it Pure?)and was rendered with B-Internal.
Was up till early hours last night creating the models & finishing them off 2day and if i had more time i would have added a few more models and worked alot more on textures to give more idea of a story behind the scene but gotta end this one here.
Still a lot of fun, Nice work everyone

pure entry

Pure entry rendered in cycles.

Finally found the time to participate again…

A slightly different approach. Pure Cycles.

Title: “Floating Lanterns”

Martin (modelar)

Hello, last week I tried entering the contest, but the image would not post, so here is my entry for this week’s contest.

Rendered in cycles and added a little lighting effects from an external program.

Pure entry

Simple one :); this time also another little animation:

It’s supposed to be disturbed by some wind; not really satisfied as the flames are a bit “stiff” .

Non Competing.

“Negativity with Candlelight”

Cycles. 8000 Samples.


Hope Im getting this in in time…simple, but all I really had time for.