Challenge #575 (06/27/14) Entries OPENED

Theme #575 for Friday 27th of June 2014 is: smell

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 30th of June 2014.

Full resolution:

Rendered in Cycles, post-processing was done in Gimp

i named this Who likes pie?

this is all done in blender cycles no gim or photoshop or after effects

Quicky non-competing entry:

Don’t have a “nice” title, as my usual…

I have been to busy lately to produce any entries, but when I came to the site to view entries this morning and there was only one I thought to myself “this just won’t do.” So I made up something real quick, let it render while I went to church, came home and did a little post in

Perhaps is may take a little explaining. The sense of smell can be one of the most powerful triggers of memories. I used to race go karts, but gave it up when my daughter was born. I still miss racing, but have I can’t race and still give my daughter a good childhood (racing takes too much time and money). But every time I drive by the race track I can smell the 2 cycle gas in the air and it always brings back good memories of my earlier glory days.

Cycles, 500 samples, all procedural except the label I made in Some post also in Not the best, but I did it real quick to help raise the entry count.

Good luck everyone.


Morning Java

Cycles, 5555 samples.

I couldn’t come up with much original so I just went with the familiar.

Hi! I was giving a try to the particles, I wanted to put some green ones as mist emitting from the old cheese. But I didnt have time to make it work, too many stuff to do on the weekends:D Everything is made with Blender. I do love Blender!

smells like xxxx

Non-competing entry:



@Piet, Modeling is solid, but your texturing looks like shit. :yes:

fast done :wink: was just for fun and good enough to identify xxxx.

hey photox if you put some marshmellows on the counter turned the cup into pepperment an the table into ghram crackers you would have had a sweet scene:)LOL

Here is my non-competing entry -> sniffing dog

That dog is just… amazing!
Well done. :slight_smile: