Challenge #579 (07/25/14) Entries OPENED

Theme #579 for Friday 25th of July 2014 is: hammer

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 28th of July 2014.

Here is my pure entry: Mjølner


Here is my non-competing entry:

Transcendental Étude

A visualization of internal piano hammer/string action with some inspiration from the phenomenally dynamic and exhaustive Transcendental Études (Études D’exécution Transcendante) of Franz Liszt.

Here’s an AllMusic link for more info / audio previews of that.


Good grief RobertT, you really need to start posting your work in the Finished Projects forum again or start a sketchbook thread (as you definitely are one of those rare artists who can make any subject work).

Hi everyone.
Here’s my entry for this week (pure). Inspired by a funny image i saw some time ago:D
Rendered in Cycles and a little bit compositing done in the Compositor.

Hope you like it.

Unlike it’s predecessor the “Swiss Army Knife”, the “Swiss Army Hammer” never received the recognition it deserved.

I couldn’t come up with anything this week.


Oooo, busy today :frowning: Maybe next week :slight_smile:

Full resolution:

Rendered in Cycles, some post-processing was done in Gimp

@ kidus

what happens when I plug it ??

I started sculpting a smith (with a hammer) but after maybe 3 hours the result was not really satisfying :frowning:

Hammers bring back some nice early memories for me.
Remember hammering nails into scrap wood quite fondly.
Textured in a rush (many thanks to the open repository) but pleased to make the deadline.


Thors Hammer