Challenge #581 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: The Ocean

Challenge #581

Pure Entries





Desert Island

Non-competing Entries

Ocean of Truth

“The ocean as it actually is …?”

Easy choice.

The SilverWings entry certainly is lovely as an abstract and fanciful work of art.

Here’s my positive notes on the entries:

Mik: The most realistic and inviting. I’d like to be there.

Dross: Best use of monochromatic color scheme with a sci-epic epic feeling of motion.

makKuter: Best use of focal length to give a mixed sense of scale.

Silverwings: Most epic. This got my vote.

Evivivi: Most creative and humorous.

RobertT: Robert has evolved past critique. I can’t prove it but I have a feeling there is some fashion of subliminal element added with about 7/10 of one percent opacity. Striking image.

somesilverwings…dang tahts so amazing idk how to describe it except PERFECT!!!you have my vote!

Photox: Thanks for the comments! There is actually a partly not-so-obvious prism outlined right in front of Newton to hint at his later work on optics. The spectral hues, shell, and some other aspects connect in ways with his work on light, his laws of motion, his ideas on gravity, mathematics, absolute time/space, and all that fun stuff =)

Very nice entries, everyone!

Have a great weekend!


And the winner of Weekend Challenge 581 with over 31% of the votes… is… SomeSilverWings!

Here’s to all the great participators…

mik1190 : 4 : 11.43%
DRoss : 9 : 25.71%
marKutar : 1 : 2.86%
<b>SomeSilverWings : 11 : 31.43%</b>
Evivivi : 10 : 28.57%


Holy grale that was close.

Thanks allot and be sure that everyone of you did a great job.

I hope the next topic will be a pleasure to you. :wink: