Challenge #582 Voting OPEN

This week’s theme: Classic RPG

Challenge #582

Pure Entries

A Classic Portrait of an RPG

classic rpg-7




A Dark Place

Open Entries

20 Sided die

Non-competing Entries

Genetic Engineering, or A Scientist Plays God

Fate or Freewill?

My vote DEFINITELY goes to 3dnotGuru! I love the gun! :smiley:

I cant make heads or tails of this one so in both cases i would vote for kidus and 3dnotguru

I think something is wrong here when I see my name in voting pool after logging in.
It’s nonsense to be able to vote for yourself if it is possible.
Thanks for your kind opinions. These gave me inspiration to work more on this image and to put it in gallery.

@3Dnotguru: what did you do to make the packing material?

I would have went for D&D (books, paper, dice, and a pencil)

Theme: Classic RPG and we have a jumanji game, a dinosaur, DNA…
To me looks like out of the ideea, makes no sense.

How closely you follow the theme is strictly up to the contestant. But if you don’t follow it, you are likely to get less votes. I remember a long time ago ( pre ray tracing in blender ) there was a theme: encounter. X-warriors scene was of a mech blasting apart a city block, and it won. A few of the competitors including myself were like, what the hell. But that’s the way it goes. And the jumanji board, like X-warriors mech is a damn good render. So, add points for that, subtract some for the theme. That’s the way it works.
(edit) no doubt RobertT also remembers this…If I recall correctly, his entry was of a couple kissing beneath a backdrop of a flying saucer, or something along those lines. Mine was an evil jack in the box.

The dinosaur is in the imagination of someone playing Dungeons and dragons, – 20 sided die. Most dinosaurs don’t breath fire.

The point of the wec’s is to make something and finish it fast. So jump on in next week.

Modron: Ah, yes, I do remember!

As for me, I rarely like to approach WC themes literally.

For this one, I was thinking more in terms of historic / psychological role playing among humans, and then one of the ultimate “roles” some humans have tried to “play.”

In the entry thread for this challenge, I mentioned this image was “inspired by a recent variation of one of the all-time classic 'role playing games” in human history’" (i.e. “playing God”).

Beyond that, though, these challenges offer us wonderful chances to have fun and to grow as Blender users/artists.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of these challenges, for me, is seeing everyone’s variations on each week’s theme.


@3Dnotguru: actually I meant the stuffing / packing material inside the box.

I know Jumanji isn’t really a RPG but the gameplay suggest that it is somewhat. I mean each player is assigned to play the “role” (rhino, monkey, whatever) of thier board piece. All the characters in the movie also go through quite an “experience” as a result of their plays. Jumanji is also considered classic 90’s movie.

Hi Modron,
The material inside is basically the same (I was too lazy to made different xD). Those are wooden chips. I used hair system with curly children particles options. I found that rotating hairs along chosen axis doesn’t work for me so I was forced to stylish their direction with comb hair style tool.

Guys, please don’t make me vote for myself, pity vote anyone?

Edit: ty, pity vote!

3Dnotguru, interesting. It looks really good.

Lost a day somewhere, anyone seen it?

And the winner of Weekend Challenge 582 with over 27% of the votes… is… MultiversalInk!

Here’s to all the great participators…

Kidus : 8 : 21.62%
3dnotguru : 6 : 16.22%
xy.exe : 9 : 24.32%
<b>MultiversalInk : 10 : 27.03%</b>
Jaredcfw : 1 : 2.70%
Crymsyn : 1 : 2.70%
Photox : 2 : 5.41%