Challenge #586 (09/12/14) Entries CLOSED

Theme #586 for Friday 12th of September 2014 is: Rocket Launch

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 15th of September 2014.

Pure entry, “rocketeer” or a better title, if you have :slight_smile: .

Bahahahaha, that made me laugh. Great one mik!

Very cool, Mik1190! :slight_smile:
Hope I’ll have time to participate this week as well.

I really like that one mk1190
Well first time entry for the challenge.
Had fun with it. And finished it

Awesome rose! Great entry and welcome to the Wild Wild World of the WEC Challenge (WWWWC) :rolleyes:

hey mik1190 you should have made it 3d.

i got something for this might take untill monday

im making something for your dog mik hope you like it when it gets done rendering

Blast off
I would so like to have spent more time on this but sadly work calls. Good fund playing with fire though.

Photox, teaLeaf, glad you liked!
spanishrose, thank you! Nice to see new participants!
Midnightcpu: curious about that, the dog needs at least some fur and maybe a pair of googles :smiley:

Photox, mik1190 thanks for the welcome. Hatchnet looks great

Pure entry. Modeled in Blender 2.69. Used Blender Internal this time :D.

Hope you like it:D

Great entries so far!

ya i like the dog made me laugh when i saw it
thought i would make something for the dog
thought it was missing something should be done rendering tommarow.
i think you will like :smiley:

pure entry

My very quick but fun non-competing entry in T minus… 3… 2… 1…



RoberT, i’ll ask again, will you marry me ?

if you can zoom in on the rocket you can see that it says " WELCOME HOME DOG "

@ Midnightcpu: made me smile :smiley: The cat reminds me the one of this comic strip:
@ RobertT: i think that is the tallest image i have yet seen here!

cant have a dog without a cat:evilgrin: