Challenge #586 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Rocket Launch

Challenge #586

Pure Entries



Blast off

Ariane 5




Non-competing Entries


I regret that I have only one vote to give.
Excellent entries this week!

@RobertT - Great work, hope this will inspire my kids to reach for the stars.

such awesome models I don’t know how people make such cool things, a tough call for a single vote

Thank you very much, deltaray!

And thank you for posting the photo!

I almost didn’t submit it, but I’m glad I did now.

Your entry is excellent, and I’m really pleased to see all the other great entries for this week as well!

Always nice to see an entry from Modron!


Heh, I didn’t have an entry. Although its funny because a long time ago for another BWC I thought about doing exactly what you did, a very tall image of a rocket taking off. Unfortunately my weekends are always filled with activities so I never have time anymore for making an entry. Maybe in a few more months when my son isn’t trying to put everything in his mouth.

LOL, I see what happened now (as I reply again using default CSS from a different computer)…

Between a custom widescreen-wrapping CSS profile I’ve been playing around with in that other browser/computer and the reverse listing of posts during replies, I had visually paired up your user name with the first image… :slight_smile:

So that praise actually then goes to mik1190!

Nevertheless, thank you again for the photo!

Hopefully you will have some time in the future to participate in the WCs.


@Robert, thanks, I wish I had more time to do a more proper scene. My weekends have been pretty full. One of these days I’ll get a free weekend. I really miss blending the midnight oil for these WCs. Nice image btw.

I’m curious to know what the render size is on RobertT’s image.

Like a few others here my weekends have been incredible busy in recent times. I had an idea for the theme this week but no time to work on it.

Hopefully in a couple more weeks my time should start to free up and I can get back to participating.

BTW, my vote vent to mik1190. Absolutely hilarious and well produced. Kidus and hairok also have great entries.

I’m of two minds and wish that I could cast two votes. “Rocketeer” captures all the fun I had putting cameras into model rockets. (Uhh, they used film in those days . . .), but Modron and RobertT conceived of something completely different: deliberately-stylized graphic art that purposely accents the chosen medium of expression. Two/Three entirely different interpretations of the same goal. Each of them outstanding in their own way, and showing clear mastery of the medium.

Thanks, sundialsvc4. I figured a simplified scene was a good option due to time constraints.

RobertT, Ryeat,sudialsvc4: thank you!
I’ts alwais nice to see how many different ideas come out from a single title; great work everyone!

I voted for Hairok, btw. Nice render.

sundialsvc4: Thank you very much for your kind and insightful comments. As I was creating this and contemplated the larger render size (originally set much higher), the thought of someone having to “launch the rocket” manually in the browser by scrolling up to see the entire image was a fun consideration.

Modron: Thanks! I hope you do get some more time. I always looked forward to your entries!

Ryeath: The original render size (set in Blender) was 400 x 25,000. I finally decided to render it at 20% after several test renders (all of which went relatively fast).


And the winner of Weekend Challenge 586 with over 33% of the votes… is… Kidus!

Here’s to all the great participators…

mik1190 : 11 : 30.56%
spanishrose : 2 : 5.56%
Hatchnet : 3 : 8.33%
Kidus : 12 : 33.33%
hairok : 3 : 8.33%
Midnightcpu : 1 : 2.78%
Modron : 4 : 11.11%


Ariane 5

Just writing a script to automate all this and I notice there is 8 entries and not only 7… :eek:

So here’s an honerable mention for Lorkxars, my apologies…

Red Rocket

If anyone is interested, here’s a scrapy hacked script which attempts to compile entries:

Its written in PHP and you’ll need to run it with a server (unless you change a few things)

At the moment it simply takes the first image in a post(!?), it attempts to guess at if its open or non-competing, but it doesn’t even try at the title, we’d need to stipulate a format you guys would all need to adhere to… Any suggestions or ideas???

Thank you everyone for the votes! That was really close, mik1190 :smiley: You’re entry is really awesome!:smiley:
Great entries everyone and I hope you enjoy the next theme.

This is a good idea. And for a format, how about this; Title goes on the first line, the class (pure/open/non-competing) goes on the second line, and an optional description goes on the third line. And then splitting these by newline…:spin:

S**T i forgot to vote

Good job Kidus :smiley:
To me Kidus format proposal is ok; otherwise entry classification and title(under quotation marks or as post title) all in first line, then description on other lines.