Challenge #59 Entries (07/25/03) CLOSED

Theme #59 for 25 July 2003 is: Sewer

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 28 July 2003.


I think I could put a ship in the sewer, or perhaps re-create that sewer scene from that book Les Miserables. (Valjean & Marius in the sewer… long story… 1000+ pages…)


Pure, modeled and rendered in blender 2.28


… plah, I’m too lazy… I got one texture made but can’t continue :stuck_out_tongue:

placeholder. But I cant guarantee anything :-?


Version 2.0:
“In the depths”

This is my first WC entry, so enlighten me: am I allowed to vote for myself? only for other people? not at all?

Oh yes, it’s a “pure” entry - completely new, and procedural except for the rust textures

still not completely happy with the sludge, but it will have to do for now.

BTW the “GMT -5” bit means it closes 0200 tues morning GMT, right? so 1200 tuesday AEST, right?


Crap, I’ll never get it finished… besides, I never would have won. Well, there’ll always be next time.

Count me in! …if I can find the time. I got close to being done last week! :-?


Here is my WC entry.

Dare you enter this sewer?

It is a Pure entry, everything modelled and textured in Blender.

The sewer cover is modelled, no bump map on it! Just insane modelling and bevelling!



Ok, here´s my placeholder.
Does this placeholder have any other purpose than increasing my post count?


Here´s my entry:

The shape of the rat is modeled with curves, so this is a pure entry.

If you post your entry in the placeholder massage (edit etc.)than it’s a placeholder.

If you make a new post to post your entry it only increases your post count.

Still have to think about if this is my placeholder.

Water again :expressionless: :expressionless: or should I make a sewing machine %|

So why would one place a placeholder then? Is there a disadvantage in just posting the entry when it´s finished?

i think a placeholder determines where your image link is listened in the final voting thread.


not at all


well… why do people post placeholders then? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s just so people know you might be entering. Like when you and lohnc put placeholders in last week, it psyched some people out. :smiley:

i give up -_-

I was working on an entry, then it sucked so bad i tossed it in my “shit” subdirectory.

Maybe ill make a new one.