Challenge #59 Entries (07/25/03) CLOSED

if you guys want inspiration just open google and search for “sewer” in the google’s image :smiley:

I might also do something…but a [non-participant] entry

Placeholders are so that if there becomes too many submissions, the ones that have placeholder are the ones that participate in the contest.
How is it possible to get too many submissions I hear you ask? Well, there’s a limit how many subjects you can put in a poll…

seeming as people are waffling on in this weeks comp I thought I’d say I’m having a go at making a scene… but it’s proving abit of work…

getting a scene together seems alittle tougher than what I’m used to… I’m used to mapping with WorldCraft or UnrealEd so I get snap to grids and draggable vertexes etc… I like the way someone said ‘blender is like a paintbrush to an artist rather than a CAD program’… as it’s more free flow… you can still snap and align… but it takes abit more effort…

I’ve got an ish idea… I’ve had some dreams of being ina sewer type place and I had some vague idea of what to express… but getting it all together for my first scene (without texturing/lighting knowledge) it’s proving a challenge… for this week!



ahem I’m not exactly sure… but I’ll see if I can whip something up. :smiley:

…uh well, actually my entry is finished… duh!

just some pipes and tubes stiched together in a very unordered way :stuck_out_tongue:
image color was slightly altered in PS and some slight blur was added, nothing more.


Placeholder if I do anything.

nice work @ndy… can I ask whether you had to duplicate those metal stair placements and move them seperately… or can blender do a ‘copy paste many times in a downwards/left direction which ‘thismuchgap’ to produce evenly spaced steps PLUS it keeps it the right distance from the wall’ (type thing)?

like the lathe tool or similar… if you can name the procedure then I can search 8)

Burnhard: the procedure your talking about is called “dupliframes” - it involves setting an animation up, and then getting blender to put in a copy of the object for it’s position in each frame

blender does that… quite… but i’ve duplicated the pipes or modeled them seperatly and adjusted them by hand.

wow! wonderful work this time around andy… I think I’ve only seen one other post… hmmmmm


I’ve got a few ideas on this one, I just hope I have the time.

Here’s my pure entry: Sewers… Matrix style. Look out, here come the sentinels!

Click image to enlarge or select an image size:1024x768 or 800x600.

This was done and rendered in Blender 2.28.


“life is like a sewer, you get out of it, what you put into it”

–some guy I don’t know

Tom Lehrer (he’s a funny man)

21-5? does that mean 1600 GMT?


No, GMT - 5 means 5 hours behind the GMT time.

So 2100 GMT - 5 means 0200 GMT Tuesday very early morning


bites off tongue while his eye falls out staring at 40 fingers


I start a little Happy-dance then [>]

I considered working on a new entry then i saw andy entered. Ill pass.