Challenge #594 (07/11/14) Entries CLOSED

Theme #594 for Friday 7th of November 2014 is: remote

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 10th of November 2014.

[SUB]* The eagle eyed amongst you may notice the title date format has changed.[/SUB]

what do you mean by remote?

Thats entirely up to you. you could do a TV remote, a remote location, anything related to the word remote.

The fredictionary defines it as:

re·mote (r re·mot·er, re·mot·est 1. a. Located far away; distant in space.
b. Hidden away; secluded: a remote hamlet.

2. Distant in time: the remote past.
3. Faint; slight: a remote possibility; had not the remotest interest.
4. Far removed in connection or relevance: a cause remote from everyday concerns.
5. Distantly related by blood or marriage: a remote cousin.
6. Distant in manner; aloof.
7. Operating or controlled from a distance: remote sensors.
8. Computer Science Located at a distance from another computer that is accessible by cables or other communications links: a remote terminal.

n.1. A radio or television broadcast originating from a point outside a studio.
2. A remote control device.

  • Googles definition had 10k+ words hidden in it, please note other dictionaries are available.

i’ve got the ultimate remote imaged in my mind:yes:

Kept it simple.

Thinking Place

I made another version, Cant decide which one i like more. Here is the other
For the sake of the competition the first one.

(Hard to Find) Cycles 100 Pure.

Wile E Coyote Super Genius

Pure entry

Blender Cycles and Photoshop

Patches for president!

Hi gang. Its been a while since I participated, and even now this will have to be “non-participating”, as its an old blend I was trying to revamp with cycles, in order to fill one of the picture frames I up-cycled.

Some of you may remember the original. I hope this looks a bit better.

“Remote but remembered.”

ps, I managed to total two psu’s in the making of this.

pps, First one frightened me to death. Thought the whole computer had bought it.

In a remote time!

Here is my non-competing entry:

Cosmogony of Televisions


Nice one Robert!!! :slight_smile:

@Photox Exactly Right

just started rendering my scene might not get done rendering on time 3500 X 3000 pixs and 500 samples if it doesnt i’ll go ahead and post when it gets done


“remote place looking for remote area with touch hologram screen remote”
3500X3000 pixs cut to 50%
500 samples all blender and two textures on the spheres
if you look in the orange sphere you can see another sphere of earth in it

In a remote time!