Challenge #598 (4/12/14) Entries CLOSED

Theme #598 for Friday 4th of December 2014 is: apparition

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 8th of December 2014.


Apparition in the Woods


Oh Sheet

Here is my non-competing entry:

The Annunciation


Here is my entry: - “The Handwriting on the Wall.”
This is a pure entry with some minor post processing in Gimp

For more information on the origin of the phrase, see this article:

DOH! I forgot to put a vignette! A.P. would not be pleased. :slight_smile:

This is my first attempt at anime. I read some tutorials and practiced sketching the base shapes. I sketched about 10 different tests in pencil without any references, picked my favorite and went over it in pen. I erased the pencil, and cleaned the lines with pen and photographed it. I then modeled it using n-gons and emission and frestyle calligraphy for the outlines. Cycles, 1 sample.

This is my sketch, made without references.

and the model: