Challenge #6 Voting - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

This week’s theme: nature.

Pure Entries
DreamMaster[list:06a94865a1]Can’t get that water to look right, but the deadline is here! :stuck_out_tongue: I’d call this picture, “Magical Nature.” :slight_smile:
Pure entry (used zglow plugin) :slight_smile:

imgranpaboya couple of cool cats loitering by a govt fence, no doubt waiting to buy crack from the regular dealer…
Pure getting the uvs right was hard, and had to resort to a bit of photoshop editing to hide them ugly seams =D

ectizenAs seen in fine nature documentaries everywhere…
Pure Apart from the background image (taken from the 'net), everything is new and only blender.

bogbeanNature - The new shampoo from Laboratoire Bogbean. Pure and natural.

HosWhomp – here it is:
The most importantest thing to remember in nature:

bg3Dwow, I’m tired too, well, here is your rookie’s attempt at lving up to the hype. vote for the under dog! 8) :slight_smile:

pofoHere it is!

@ceThis is my contribution to the nature scene :it’s pure…I hope you like it

bassewell, this was just a scene I had to make…


Non-Competing Entries
NEO[list:06a94865a1]ack im’ out again, my idea turned sour, i need to get better at rendering and putting 10,000 trees in my scene. But i’ll finish the pic and post it in the forum in the next week or so, i should have it done by then.
thought i’d leave the hyenas here for your entertainment hehe.

I dare you try picking a winner!

Note to self: start building this message at least half an hour before entries close - fifteen minutes is not enough…

(LohnS) #2

lol why am i in non-competing entries :stuck_out_tongue:

oh well, those heyenas are cool

(ectizen) #3

You’ve got great looking trees, grass and fur - all desirable features in a blender-built nature image :wink:

(Oso) #4


I gotta know: What’s the secret to those realistic looking rocks? I was trying to do something similar and it looked… well, I’d rather not say what it looked like.

(blengine) #5

sheesh…some really good stuff this week 8) … ectizen, thanks again for hosting this contest, its somehting cool to look forward to each week =)

(LohnS) #6

yeah weekend challenges are the best thing since sliced boolean operations.

I could tell by his great idea’s and quick wit that ectizen was an aussie :wink: 8)

(DreamMaster) #7

Argh! I can’t look!!! I must tell, I won’t be here on Wed. when this voting ends. In case if I win… for UNEXPECTED reasons, I’d like to have my theme as…


Good luck everyone… now I am going gone… I can’t look at it anymore! :stuck_out_tongue:

About that rock, you just need to find a good rock texture and open a shpere with low poly counts… then push ‘w’ and click on subdivision fractal… play around with it :slight_smile:

(ectizen) #8

I’m really having fun doing this :smiley: - even if it does mean occassionally waking in the middle of my subjective night to announce a theme or process votes…

I’m constantly amazed by the entries. I don’t know how it is for other entrants, but I’m also surprised by my own attempts - every Tuesday, I ask myself “So, does the you from last week think you could’ve made something like what you did?”, and every week the answer is “No way!”
I hope the other people competing are also suitably pleased with their own work :slight_smile:

DreamMaster: your nickname is very appropriate!

imgranpaboy: my ants’ll take on your lizards any day of the week! There’s a reason why the ants are taking over the world and dinosaurs are extinct!

bogbean: I hope you won’t take offense, but something from a company called “Laboratoire Bogbean” is not touching my hair.

Hos: Umm… Okay…

bg3D: excellent rookie attempt!

pofo: yeah, a snake ate my rabbit ears, too…

@ce: very nice! I think I’ve been there.

basse: also very nice, but I don’t think I’ve been there - looks too cold.

(IngieBee) #9

DreamMaster, I like your rocks too, but it’s the knarly tree/bush that got my vote! Great job, hard to choose though, I liked the eat greens, and all the others. I tried to do something this weekend, but it didn’t turn out :frowning:

However, I’ve decided to give it a try every weekend, and if I don’t get it finished, I’m still being motivated to work on something, and that’s fun!

Thanks, lots of good stuff! Ingie

(blengine) #10

what the heck…@ce should be beatin us…his should win, its the best here, whats going on? is this rigged? @ce!!! noooooo!!! why only 5 votes so far…::confused and suspicious:: :-?

(digitalSlav) #11

sorry imgranpaboy most people seem to differ. although ace did a wonderful job on effects and foliage his entry fell short on the background. no forground is complete without one :wink: with more vegitation and some more interesting trees ace would have much more influence. best of luck next time around ace i know you have it in you :smiley:

(blengine) #12

maybe we could witness an amazing comeback by @ce!!! its not impossible… :-?

background u say? dm didnt have a background, though a great pic, just clouds… soemtimes u cant always add a bg…i think hes got a good one though…i agree though, more vegetation would have been great, still, i think its the best here :frowning:

(rixtr66) #13

all the entries are excellent! for me i have to choose between dreamaster and imagrandpaboy…hmmmm,this is right up my alley,but i was away and missed this one :frowning: good luck to all !!


(hannibar) #14

Wow, so many good (or even fantastic) entries.
@ce : you rock, thats one of the best pics i’ve seen lately!

(Hos) #15

I really liked the mood in DM’s pic. @ce’s is also excellent.

As for backgrounds, dm’s pic seems to be viewing the top
of a hill so it seems natural to have clouds in the
background. @ce’s seems to be looking down at the ground
so the clouds in the background give it a bit of a “you have
reached the end of the earth” look.

The only thing missing from both of these pics that would make
them perfect is a couple of dinosaurs and some high voltage
fencing, which I’ve come to expect in nature pictures. =p


(blengine) #16

which I’ve come to expect in nature pictures. =p

am i detecting sarcasm(seriously, i couldnt tell)? =( since when arent dinos and grass and trees nature? the fence is just showing the modernization of this “nature”… meh

@ces pic has mountains and water in the bg, what do u mean, reached the end of the earth, go scale them mountains! :wink:


(Hos) #17

Sorry – just meant that to be a good-natured ribbing! I think your
dino pic is absolutely fantastic, but dinosaurs don’t really spring
to mind when I hear the word “nature”. (but on the other hand,
neither does Renfrew, the “How-to-Wipe-Your-Bum-in-Nature”
Beaver, but, oh well!) :wink:


(blengine) #18

lol =D well, dinos popped ito mind because jurassic park, all of em, are the best movies to find the most beautiful nature…those movies are so cool…makes me wanna runaway to a forest to be raised by raptors…mmm… there are plenty of differnet interpretations for any theme given…like whiping you a**, lol, nature calls =)… or animals, reptiles, forests, watching nathional geographic on tv =) depends on the person :wink:

oops! almost forgot to congradulate dreammaster! votings just about over, so congrats on yer beautiful pic dm! :smiley:

(ectizen) #19

Envelope, please. Thank you.

And the winner is…


Congratulations to all who entered! Thanks to all those who contributed to the record number of votes!

Hos: I couldn’t figure out if Renfrew was telling to bring my own paper, or use nature’s paper equivalent.

(acasto) #20

Imgrandpaboy… you should have made the dinos eating cute little fuzzy bunnies. Then you would’ve won for sure!!! :smiley: