Challenge #603 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: out of this world

Challenge #603

Pure Entries

Star Field

Space Elevator

Blast Off!!!

Standard everyday alien planet landscape

1 million samples

Dead End

Out Of This world, and into the Next one!

Out Of This world, and into the Next one!




Let’s go outta this world!

Non-competing Entries


Beyond the World You Know

lots of awesome entries!

All entries are so good .
I really like Star field, it sounds cool and interesting :slight_smile:
Haven’t participated from the Gate challenge but ready for the next theme :slight_smile:
Good luck friends!

Lol! what a home run!

i didnt even get 1 vote :frowning: i thought i did well :frowning:

i hate having to vote for dan-r, but damn it looks so good TT^TT

Haha! Thank you.

I really like PuaGo’s entry. Those flowers would cause quite a bit of confusion/intrigue for whoever discovered them!

Don’t get discouraged finalbarrage. Your image is decent, it’s just sometimes the other entries are outstanding. I have done about 60 of the weekend challenges now, and most weeks I don’t get any votes. It’s all about fun and getting better.

Years ago when I was racing there were certain competitors and when they pulled into the pits everyone else knew they were racing for second place. dan-r is one of those competitors, and as soon as I saw his image I knew I had no chance of winning but I still worked on my image, figuring I will one day get close to that level if I keep at.

BTW, dan-r got my vote also.

Thank you dan-r. You see what I was going for in that image. However, I wanted the flower to be much ‘crazier’ and of much more beauty. To be honest I am a bit surprised my image has more votes than Evivivi’s so far. And that yours has most is even more surprising to me. :slight_smile: However, I like those challenges.

Oh and to finalbarrage: You have made one huge mistake. Its not in your image. It’s in your attitude. You gave up.

Now I feel bad…

by the way dan-r, did you use particles for the stars?

Yep, though the front few are manually placed. Here is the scene setup.

Why would you feel bad, it was a compliment. I was acknowledging your skill and talent. I apologize if it was interpreted in any negative way.

Congratulations Dan-r and to all of the artists this week, there were a lot of cool entries.

I love blast off. Great render on a couple of levels, especially on being able to do so much with so little.

No need to apologise! :slight_smile:

It was one of those things where I’m thinking, “Oh, I must be getting better!”. Then I remember how disheartening being in that sort of situation can be.

haha thanks, i was strapped for time, so i had to make it count.

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 602 with over 32% of the votes… is… dan-r!

Here’s to all the great participators…

<b>dan-r : 9 : 32.14%</b>
FriZan : 3 : 10.71%
jdb1917 : 2 : 7.14%
Ryeath : 1 : 3.57%
mik1190 : 0 : 0%
Evivivi : 5 : 17.86%
finalbarrage : 1 : 3.57%
fcharr : 1 : 3.57%
PuaGo : 4 : 14.29%
Photox : 0 : 0%
ctdabomb : 2 : 7.14%
David99 : 0 : 0%


Star Field

congrats dan, since ill be doing these more regularly, ill beat you one of these days!!

FriZan got only 3 votes, wat. I thought more people would like it, i really did though.