Challenge #608 (13/2/15) Entries OPEN

Theme #608 for Friday 13th of February 2015 is: I would like…

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 16th of February 2015.

hmmm, a tangible topic? :wink:

to buy a hamburger

to go to sleep… damn i should used my last render for this D:

i love how “to buy a hamburger” is the first suggestion if you google “i would like” … xD

Interesting topic. I’ll have to think hard for an entry to this topic.

i have an idea that will either be sick be a total failure xD

same for me…

Would it be ok if I say “I would like to run like hell!” when I am in a reaaaaaaaly scary situation? o0

no, the subject is good as it is… …and I think that some people have already started their work so…

I dont want to change the subject. o0 Its just a way of interpret the subject.
I just asked if its correct to say it this way in english.

Your interpretation of the phrase is fine in English.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you, and others, come up with.

ok, sorry SomeSilverWings, I was afraid, my entry is in good way :wink:

Anything, with an eye to forum and challenge rules, that can fit after the title is ok :slight_smile:

im going to blow up earth xD

or… I Would Like… To DESTROY our planet!! :slight_smile:

Ok, since I must go for the two days to come, here is my entry :

I would like… …to fly, but I ain’t got wings…

…edit : I ask this image to be a non-competiting entry… …but still in course, I’ll make another one Monday… …(hope this will make someone happy)…

…second edit : removal of image

YAYA not much of a original entry though… looks like two images eddited together, with some flat planes shaped as kites added inn ._.

Background image is a photo that I took two years ago near home, for the rest, only makhuman and blender… …and these are not flat planes… …but let’s see yours! :wink:

A teddy bear

i hate cell fracture… been stuck for 2 hours now and i cant get the addon to work -.-