Challenge #608 (13/2/15) Entries OPEN

and blender crashes 70% of the times i try to fracture… witch makes everything even more fun -.-

did you try using in in conjunction with grease pencil?

@YAYA, Ehh i thought we couldn’t do photo retouching, I mean as a background it’s ok but not when it’s like 95% of the image :confused:

all things considered it probably belongs in the open category. it’s a nice render though, and open category can still get votes. @yaya really nice photo btw. what kind of camera is that?

Pentax K-30 HDR treatment… …@dagto, if there is a problem with my pic, moderators are free to delete it, I’m not running for glory, only for fun! :wink:

Yeah, thanks for swearing.

Use the fracture modifier instead! It’s 100 times easier.

also i dont like when people import models for their own renders. makehuman, its like importing a bunch of models, and putting them together then call it yours :confused:

imagetextures is fine for background and as a surface texture…

@yaya you didnt model the beach, rocks, sand, water, human… the reflection is not from any glossy shaders from blender, but a part of the image…
did you make the egg?

I made the seashell, it’s not an egg… …but I see that this enty doesn’t fit your tastes, not a problem, I repeat : if a moderator wants to suppress the entry, he can, this is not my problem… …sadly, it seems to be yours:-(…

they wont remove it, cause it does not against the rules. i just dont like it when players submit an entry they barely made.

…edited to be a non-competitive entry…

YAYA’s image is striking and attractive and well within the “rules” of the WEC. You might argue that it should be entered as “open” instead of pure if a significant chunk of the image is non blender. But I think he or she should enter it. We want more entries and more people entering.

I will make one entry Monday since I can’t work on it tomorrow… …a pure one… …but not this one, as it appears to be disturbing, it will stay non-competiting… …enough talkin’ about that and jump to your polygons!! :wink:

your entry is fine, yaya. it just needs to be in the open category. that’s why we have 3 catagories.

I can’t compete this weekend. I just don’t have enough time to put together a decent entry.
I’ll see again for 609.

Here is my entry, based off of a common bumper sticker. Visualize whirled peas (world peace). Who wouldn’t like world peace.

Pure entry, cycles. Text added in


i would like… to blow up the earth!

Pure entry. only the earth texture is imported. everything is made in blender only. even the clouds!

EDIT: Improved image

Old one:

A beer

hatchnet interesting :slight_smile: a few tips, try to make the scene a bit brighter, and make the white thing a bit softer. i think that can look really good. well done with the glass :wink:

Hi All,

Edit final image for entry fixed crate up a bit still not 100%how I want it better! (edit I should have put a dam road to one side then it would have worked at so many levels with the thumb up as well and given it more context, I might do that after as a separate project!)

old image

Thought I’d have a go, been teaching myself blender mainly modelling just started learning the texturing side of things this is first go at putting a scene together. Modelled thumb and crate and ground today and created materials textured painted dirt maps etc pretty much from scratch, used the new pointiness node in 2.73 as well as just painting stuff but all in blender, no post, no comp just as rendered.

I used the blender guru grass pack so obviously didn’t create that from scratch but I figured it was no different to using a background image I just had more control with the weight paint etc.

I couldn’t get the crate material how I wanted it but ran out of time I think it was because I mixed translucency in it and the grunge didn’t show up as much will have a look now the pressure off not used to working to a dead line was not good for my OCD :slight_smile:

Lot’s I would tweak with time but I guess that’s the point :slight_smile: I think I’ve complied with the rules if I haven’t it’s just accidental.

looks great! :slight_smile: you have 1 more day to tweek it though. the deadline is not untill tomorow night.