Challenge #608 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: I would like…

Challenge #608

Pure Entries

A teddy bear

I would like whirled peas.

i would like… to blow up the earth!

A beer


Push the Domino


I would like to run for my life… NOW!!!

I Would Like To Fly

Open Entries

I would like to ride it everyday

I would like to fly away

Non-competing Entries

To Understand More about the Universe

Any future swearing may result in being excluded entry!

Just a note, At the moment the thread says voting closed, and the entry thread says entries open, might confuse some people.

my bear…

I messed up, kept checking the thread for “closed” instead of checking for a new post :frowning:

You want to blow up the Earth finalbarrage?!
But I live there! :eek:

Who swore?
I’m assuming it was Umii, since they are the only entry without a title.

@Umii if you win, choose Facebook as the theme for next weekend!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!

I think the reference to swearing was about the bike.

I suspect it was not me :slight_smile: I posted dam and the last time that caused offence was 1939 in gone with the wind! I left title off as I hoped people may interpret my entry in different ways. I doubt I’ll win computerWhiz :slight_smile: In the slim chance I do I do have an idea but it’s not facebook :). Good luck everyone some great entries.

na im moving :wink:

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 608 with over 34% of the votes… is… Umii!

Here’s to all the great participators…

fcharr : 0 : 0%
Ryeath : 4 : 15.38%
finalbarrage : 1 : 3.85%
Hatchnet : 0 : 0%
<b>Umii : 9 : 34.62%</b>
Photox : 3 : 11.54%
DRoss : 0 : 0%
SomeSilverWings : 2 : 7.69%
Pixaner : 3 : 11.54%
YAYA : 3 : 11.54%
David99 : 1 : 3.85%


Wow beginers luck :slight_smile: thanks everyone for votes! Sending suggestion for next one now!