Challenge #61 Entries (08/08/03) CLOSED

Theme #61 for 8 August 2003 is: Big Bang

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 11 August 2003.

OK placeholder. I have been away from these challenges for a while, but now I have my Blender back I think I might have a go this week.

Notice:- Only one monkey was hurt in this render and that was self inflicted pain.
—><— Link to larger render.

Methods used:-
300 Particles with red/yellow/black cloud textures, then saved render and used in world settings to save on render times.
5 planes each with they’re own explosion avi textures.
1 Suzanne, mutated, morphed and further screwed up by strong camera zoom settings.
1 extruded cube for the hand, and an extruded circle for the handgrip and red button.
Small amount of post work in PS5, for blurring and grain.


Good luck to all,


dropped out %|
no good ideas, lack of patience, blah
looks like it was my brain that blew up :frowning:

I’ve never tried this, but I’d like to try :slight_smile: I guess hold my seat.

Well, here it is.

An illustration on the art of Redneck Fishing with the aid of dynamite!

Pure entry - all done in blender!


OK here is my entry. Did alot of changing since first post. Pure image hope you like it.

wow, nice, ive been waiting to do this for a while, mine will be the worst, but hey, im having fun makign it, so yea

hahahah ill be damned if this wasnt named for me!!! im definately gonna try this one :smiley:

Here’s my pure entry called Breakthrough. Only procedural textures were used. Built and rendered in Blender 2.28:

Click picture or here to enlarge.


dam, i don’t think i really have enough time to enter this. And i just started making decent explosions.


hmmm what to build, what to build…

I don’t think this needs an explination really

You can see the image I used as reference here.
Actually looking at the page it comes from, it turns out this nuke is S2A, but I finished it before I found out, and who cares anyway? It still looks cool 8) even if it’s inaccurate…

Pure. Everything made with Blender’s native tools except the written caption.


my pics comming along great altho im having some trouble finding a place i can load to that allows remote linking any ideas?


I’ve got a good idea for this so I’ll get blending and it’ll be here v. soon.

Here it is, is an image on a plane, so would that make it open or not? Anyway:

Someone had to do it, so at least now I’ve done it no-one with any real skill at blender will feel the need to.

Nope, still pure, but I don’t know why you didn’t just use blender’s text tool?

Well, it’s certainly a big bang… :-?

THE big bang. The biggest bang of them all. Ever. (Pure)
Full Image: (112k)

I should have done The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, that would have been cool, that book is very interesting, (42) hhmmm

Send it to me, and I’ll post on my permanent isp web space for the week, and then I can remove it after the voting is done. Sound fair, deal???

You can send it to me and I’ll upload it on my webspace :wink:

// They expected this to happen…and it happened…now they lost their home and they are in seach of a new one…They are simply facing their destiny //
–><– (click to see the larger pic)
Used some pp to add contrast and to brighten up some part of the pic

haha, mine sux, its not done yet, but i prolly wont work on it, to busy on da BMX yay! so yea, i rendered this in 10 seconds, no OSA, or anythin, but yea, also sorry bout the site but i was to lazy to do anything more, its a small image, but it looks best small, ill do a bigger render later, but yea

go ahead and give me suggestions, i need it, its my first WC, oh yea, and its pure yay

EDIT: updated so yea, bigger render, some other stuph, yea