Challenge #620 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Indiana Jones

Challenge #620

Pure Entries

Gumby Jones

Maybe the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones’ Desk

Holy Roach!

Harrison Jones

Dart trap

Raiders of the Lost Ark- Fertility Idol


Non-competing Entries

The Temple of Suzanne

Some really good entries as usual, but someone please help me. I can not figure out the meaning of Helge’s riddle and it’s driving me crazy.

No need to go crazy!
Indy 3 (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) is about finding the Holy Grail. The wrong one will kill you but drinking from the real grail will bring eternal life:

As the grail existed for hundreds of years, chances are that at some point in time (long before Indiana Jones did) a cockroach may have found it, which made it immortal. And if a part of that power was passed on to future generations - it might explain why these guys are so hard to kill :slight_smile:

But, after writing this down, I must admit that the theory does not feel as obvious as it did on Sunday night/morning. :wink:

Good job everyone! Looking forward to next week!

Thanks for the explanation Helge. Sounds like a pretty solid theory to me.

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 620 with over 36% of the votes… is… Winterlaw!

Here’s to all the great participators…

Photox : 2 : 10.53%
Gakos : 1 : 5.26%
Ryeath : 5 : 26.32%
Helge : 1 : 5.26%
fcharr : 1 : 5.26%
KeonSkyfire : 1 : 5.26%
<b>Winterlaw : 7 : 36.84%</b>
Crymsyn : 1 : 5.26%


Raiders of the Lost Ark- Fertility Idol