Challenge #621 (15/5/15) Entries CLOSED

Theme #621 for Friday 15th of May 2015 is: Horror Movie

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 18th of May 2015.

But its Friday the 15th. :confused:

Just a really quick render

“Happy Birthday!”
Cycles. Open. MH head.

Cycles, Pure, only Blender. Not from any specific horror movie.

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(if that doesn’t work, have a imgur mirror just in case)


If I resubmitted an old entry, it would be an open entry?

Here’s my entry. Rendered in Cycles, 450 samples. A little touch in the Compositor. Render took about 45 minutes (CPU). Didn’t have time to add more.

Not sure if pure or not. The chicken is an image from a Google search. Everything else is made from scratch.

“The End” - Pure, Cycles (1000 samples)

Goodnight everyone!


Pure entry, “Wormputation” :

What i am trying to understand is the “correct” time needed to complete a scene…i did this in 4 and half hours rendering included: is average, slow or fast in your opinion?

Haunted House

This is my entry. Pure. Background image is an HDR, everything else made in Blender.

That is faster than what I could have done :slight_smile:
And better too :slight_smile:

Pure Entry, Thanks to Everyone who voted for my last render.

Pure rendered in cycles.

Well, since no one ansswered my question, and I didnt make anything new this is my entry (its an OLD one-- so tag as you see fit. )

I thought I would go classic with this theme hope you like
edit: this is pure blender apart from the wood and soil which are photo textures,
All other textures are procedural in blender. All new done this weekend.


I was going to put it as open, but with everyone testing the boundaries lately I can’t, and in reality it wasn’t created this weekend, but thankyou for your honesty.

Np thanks.