Challenge #622 (22/5/15) Entries CLOSED

Theme #622 for Friday 22nd of May 2015 is: Photography

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 25th of May 2015.

Oh mik, thankyou! The image of the dog in the link you sent…I’ve had it in a book for decades and always studied it but never read or knew about it :wink:

I’d always related it to Muybridge:

futurism is one of my favorite schools of art.

You’re welcome, rarebit :slight_smile:

PURE entry “Xray photography” Coins were created with physics simulation. I was to lazy to composite them manually :wink:


Pure Entry. “From Glorious Days Of Old”

Pure Entry-“Focus”


Here I’ve constructed a pinhole camera, and placed a white film at the back and exposed (rendered) it to get an image.

This render is showing the inside of the camera, and has a slight volume effect to show the light going through the hole. The outside image is a HDRi map, and is naturally flipped to be upside down :slight_smile:

Took 7 hours to render to approx. 1 mil samples, as its really inefficient way to render :stuck_out_tongue:

polaroid, modeled in 1 day blender, render with cycles.
post - ps (contrast and old photo effect (1 layer with paper texure))

My entry for this week:

“MACRO” - Pure, Cycles (750 samples)

Everyone likes bugs :wink:

zeal, terrifically creative, interesting and original render.

ad-3d, you nailed it. Great post work. It’s convincing.

Helge, excellent.

Child’s First Camera

Pure, rendered in cycles.

CG Meets Photography

Pure - Some textures by CG Textures.

Title: 5000 photos
Pure Entry

Pure Entry Cycles

@Pixaner, the email confirming your entry has only just come through now? It definitely wasn’t present last night when I closed up late! Nice work though!