Challenge #622 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Photography

Challenge #622

Pure Entries

Xray photography

From Glorious Days Of Old



Inside a pinhole camera


Child’s First Camera


CG Meets Photography

5000 photos


The non-competing entry is pure win, brilliant idea and execution.

@rarebit Why is @Helge’s entry non-competing? It didn’t say anything about that in the posting thread.

Er, its only just struck me, for some reason I thought he’d won last week… my apologies, er, er, er…

Reporting to get put in voting now!

@Helge `s work is amazing!
pure win.

my vote goes to helge… really good!!

also, where is robertT? :confused:

Definatly PuaGO’s entry, I love the mix between real life and cgi

PuaGo! I love that one! Clean modeling, and a very humorous photo! :smiley:

Are you sure Helges was a non-competing entry? I don’t see where that was specified. Anyway, I voted for the polaroid. Would have voted for the bug, except that it’s non competing. Good work everyone.

Thank you zeealpal and Joey.
I like Helge’s entry. Incredible you created that in just one weekend. Chapeau! :slight_smile:

Apologies again Helge, I think you may get a few extra votes to counter my mistake :wink:

Also thanks to the mods for making it happen :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words everyone and thanks to rarebit and the mods for updating the poll.
Good to be back in the race! :slight_smile: gn8

[@finalbarrage: “also, where is robertT? :/” - I was asking myself the same thing.]

LOOOL and he got 50% of the votes already… though his entry was not available for a while xD

so helge, next topic? :stuck_out_tongue:
may we get an early start again?

come on final, it’s too soon, ag-3d might still catch up :wink:

56% now, next topic? :stuck_out_tongue: i wanna get another of those early starts

I say… Although I loved AG-3d’s model, hit the next one! :smiley:

It’s looking good, indeed! But it just wouldn’t feel right to start celebrating with the official deadline still a few hours away. (Don’t want to disadvantage anyone - after all, my vote went to ag-3d.) I think I’ll let rarebit decide when to stop the voting. But just in case and in order to keep things going as soon as possible, I’ll send him a new theme right away. :-))

Cool :slight_smile: Can’t wait, I may participate! :smiley:

Hey guys, I know this competition has been going for almost forever. I just stumbled on this page and I must the concept of a weekend competition is brilliant. I am new to Blender and 3d graphics, and although I have a long way to go to be any competition to yall, I look forward to the challenge.

@Helge, brilliant, just brilliant. Hats off to you.

@zeealpal, I love the concept. Think you did an awesome job.

@expyker: Try to make a few posts in the next 24 hours, so that when the competition gets underway, you won’t be at the mercy of the moderators as far as your image getting in on time.