Challenge #625 (11/6/15) Entries CLOSED

Theme #625 for Friday 11th of June 2015 is: Rain

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 15th of June 2015.

Here is my result:

“The End of Summer”
1200 samples. Pure. Cycles.

(For greater resolution, click HERE)

Yes agree with you eyalmu. Just remember one good tutorial on rain by Andrew price. But those was in the days of internal renderer. And having started to use blender just from version 2.69 materials without nodes are very confusing. Earlier even the texture panel was used a lot. Those were too complicated.

I had some success using a particle system and the motion blur setting.

I found a blenderguru tutorial which basically does the same thing, but using compositing. This is in BI, but the compositing options are still there.

Good luck!

just because the topic is rain doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make rain, it can be a puddle with reflection and ripples, or water leaking down a roof.

I’ll kick it off with a quickie. All the little shapes are modeled, there are no images in this blend.

“Reign of Dance”
Cycles. Pure. 10,000 Samples.


Pure entry


Open entry: Little Tokyo
Used photoshop to combine 2 renders and add blurred white dots as rain.
Wasn’t able to get rid of fireflies in blender, even with 2000 samples and optimized settings.

However, i’m pretty satisfied with the result.


Hello, PURE entry “Rainforest” Tried motion blur with particles and it didn’t work so I’ve converted them to mesh and animated. Is it a bug?

guys can we make a new rule? from now on you have to post a wireframe and solid view too. there are so many entries where i just REALLY want to see how they are made up… photox’s entry in this case.

And that also counts for 90% of RobertT’s entries aswell :stuck_out_tongue:

I made this blend in about 2 hours, and was actively attempting to emulate one of Robert T’s styles. The style is mostly monochromatic line art meets 3-d. The only PS post work was minor levels changes and a tiny vignette. I realized that technically there was one image, a environmental lighting jpeg in my startup blend (from sibl). It has virtually zero effect on the scene and can be turned off without change. It uses volumetric scatter so you need several thousand samples to get clean. Here’s the blend if you would like to see it, feel free to do anything with it, CC-0.

Rain-packed on dropbox

Hello Here is my puny attempt.
I’ll just call it “Red River”

storm gutter

Nice one, Photox!

The WCs have been a wonderful testing and developmental area for me when working in various styles and exploring alternative Blender techniques over the years.

I’m always glad to see people try new approaches!

All the other entries so far look great as well!

Here is my non-competing entry:

Rain Stages

The idea was to try to visualize the entrance and exiting of a rain storm.

Pure Blender internal as usual.


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Grr. Ive had that checked for however long Ive been on this forum…Thanks. Really should have known. It was just getting ridiculous…refresh and BAM out. All good now, I hope.

Pure, Cycles (5000 Samples): “SUNSHINE”

It feels quite strange working on this topic while the sun burns at 30°C outside :slight_smile:

well it felt relevant to me, 9’C and been raining all week… Classic norwegian weather :stuck_out_tongue: