Challenge #627 (26/6/15) Entries CLOSED

Theme #627 for Friday 26th of June 2015 is: rare birds

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 29th of June 2015.

everyone knows that amatures cant make good looking CG animals… i think ill pass this weekend.
pluss my middle mouse button is not working so i can blame that.

I agree with finalbarrage. I might have an idea in my mind but I don’t know how to make it.

I think you just don’t have to take the theme too literally. After all this is for fun. No one will blame anybody for deliberately misunderstanding the theme (a little) :slight_smile:

What about this:

yeah making a concert…

anyway, i know you can go outside the box, but its not really flexible… i mean i could make anything and add some flying birds in the background and calling the day, but its not really that fun when you go so far away from the actual topic.

there has been quite many bad topics the past few weeks…
a bad topic would be

those are limiting, and some really hard or time consuming…

good topics would be
Contrast (light and dark)

topics like this does not really mean anything, and it lets the artist be creative…
i really hope we get a good topic next weekend.

My first reaction was to give the topic The Bird! Then I thought I’d get chance to have a browse of images of Victorian sketches detailing bone structures, but for some reason the dodo from Up kept poppin its 'ed in, then obviously thought of the great film Rio. In the end I just thought about the last time the missus got dolled up :wink:

BTW Finalbarrage, I’m guessing you mean Explosion

Oh, n can’t wait to see RT’s interpretation :eek:

Why are you announcing on the 26th of June a contest that has started on the 16th, which was not even Friday? :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone in prison for financial malpractice?

That’s the lesser spotted dateawrongus that is!

I had a broken MMB for awhile…it can be worked around. Kind of a pain though. No time for me this weekend, until maybe Sunday at some point.

“Sea bird on a clean shore”

Cycles. 2222 Samples. It’s all new, I’ve been getting back into sculpting.

“Maybe the reason why micropoly displacement would be nice”
Cycles. 50 Samples. All new, without micropoly displacement.

@ photox don`t get it wrong… just for fun…

Sorry if this theme was hard, but I think that if you stretch this topic it can be interesting. Birds can be in any environment, and you don’t have to focus on the birds themselves. You could focus on a feather, an egg, or a foot, like photox. Or you could not even make a bird or a part of a bird. “Rare bird” sometimes refers to character and not a bird at all.

it’s also a great opportunity for those who like to model hands :wink:

@rarebit “In the end I just thought about the last time the missus got dolled up” My thoughts also^^
@finalbarrage “everyone knows that amatures cant make good looking CG animals” wasnt gonna bother with this theme but fek it, i dnt make animals but al take you up on that challenege…

Here’s a rare bird! (one of a kind actually)

Hardly any effort in this
Rendered in a mere 13.38 seconds mostly due to buffer shadows and approx AO.

Fixed incorrect reflection color and made the normals continuous

I went with the first idea jumped in my mind: a common bird becomes rare (in my case unique i guess) in a totally different zone from his usual habitat:

“artic flamingo”

Pure entry, Gimp used to enhance light/color levels.

Here it is with fish bones, and another bird in the background. It still needs a lot of work, like a bit of meat and some red patches around the fish. I’ll probably delete the bird in the background, since it is distracting and makes it look less solitary, but I don’t have much time this weekend.

Here I present a bird so incredibly rare that it should really be sent back to the kitchen.

This is a pure entry. 1,000 samples in Cycles.