Challenge #63 Entries (23/08/03) CLOSED

T.D. thanks, but i knew the definition, anyway it’s wide as theme…

Don’t mock about my mega defect english.

Oh sorry, my mistake. I wasn’t intending to mock you. I thought it might help to explain what they meant by encounter. I’m sorry if it seemed like I was mocking you. :expressionless:

Ok, I think I’m done.

I will add the blend file when I get a moment. And here’s the .blend===>

Oh, I almost forgot. Pure blender including the textures. (noob here)

Accidently Started a new thread before, sorry. I’d have deleted it, but Theth locked it before I discovered my mistake.

But anyway, here’s my entry.

Pure Blender modeling/rendering. Textures and post process with the Gimp.

Detective Thorn.

Here’s my pure entry called “close encounters” which actually has two encounters, the romantic and the extraterrestrial kind, and the couple are so absorbed in their moment that they don’t notice their truck being beamed up…

Click the image or here to view THE BIG PICTURE :smiley:

All textures are procedural, and this scene was built and rendered in Blender 2.28 using four separate layers. Composition/tweaking time about six and a half hours, and render time about 50 minutes (due to particle effects, envmapping, high spotlight shadow buffers, OSA 11, etc.).

Hope you like it :wink:


dang…i didn’t have time to work on mine thes weekend.

i worked to hard on my rust and bepin pics. my pot o’ inspiration is spent.

//In 3050, the InnerSphere encountered the Clans for the first time. In front of the higher level of technology of the clans, the innersphere’s only choice was to retreat.//


I couldn’t find any inspiration for the Elemental contest, so I devoted my weekend hours to the WC. Here’s my encounter… made entirely this weekend with almost no image textures…

Flashes of light appear in the darkness of the passage. They frantically try to form a shape, but remain only a swirling mass of energy, a mere impression of the alien ghosts’ true form. The two humans, searching for their lost companion, dismiss the lights as natural phenomenon and continue deeper under the ocean. The floors are wet with sea water, wires and conduits snake everywhere. The warning fails to be understood, and the rescuers are left alone with a mysterious creature, lurking in the depths…

Here’s my entry. Everything was done with blender (the HUD included) except for the name and effects on the silhouette. I’m still new and I suck at modeling. I’m not good enough to model a body, even if it’s aginst the light like here.
Anyway here it is:
See you, dudes.

PS I also took part in the 24h challenge.

Allthough a little bit late, I’m in!!!

I’ll try to make something simple just to catch up with the deadline…

<EDIT>This is my entry:
For a larger view click here: Larger image 800X600

I call it: Dave said:" Oh my God… It’s full of stars!!!"

What would you say if you had encountered your creator???

Everything is pure except the jupiter texture on the planet and the world texture…


p.s.: Good luck to everybody, participating in this contest… :smiley:

my entry

its geocities so i think you have to copy paste, its all pure except 2 image textures, i hope you understand it, i really do

it took me and hour
late sunday night


Well, I was going to make an entry, but RobertT beat me to it (well, not the couple in the foreground, I was just aiming for a UFO picking up a car or a person on a desert road). And now I won’t have enough time to pull off a good one (plus I’m a tad rusty at blender, time to get movin again).

Here’s my encounter with a big white.
Luckily enough a friend of mine just shot this picture.
Pure, most textures are procedural, only the background and part of the sharkskin are from pictures I found on the net.

for a bigger picture click here:

If I’d of seen this earlier I would of entered, but by my calculations I have just under 3 hours left, so I probably will not end up entering.

There’s 4 hours and a half left.


It’s an alien encountering a glowing marble thingy. All pure except the space background and a little brightness/contrast tweaking.
I wish I could have been more creative but somehow everything I tried to model looked like an alien head.

“An Uh-Oh Encounter”
Full image:



In the nick of time. My friend persueded me to enter this image.

Full size:

The biggest encounter in everyones life.

100% Pure blender modelled, 1 photoshop blur filter on the edge of the egg, the other blur is from blend. Wewt!

My entry:

A guy is skating in his local skate park and has an unusual encounter with the grim reaper.

Click for larger version

All blender. Couple of image textures used. This one is poor IMO :frowning:

haha, great minds think alike no?