Challenge #63 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: The Encounter

Pure Entries

Idgas [list:117dce981c]
Here it is. I call it “Encounter in the bushes.” Its all pure except the boy. I used him once before in another WC. OK fixed the lighting and the log just in time. Still not sure where that log came from??? But he had to sit on something.

OK, here’s mine. Didn’t spend very long on it ‘cause it wasn’t turnin’ out right. This is the first time I’ve tried to do organic stuff. It was a learning experience. Anyway, here it is, a pterodactyl as seen from inside an airliner. Pure with only procedural textures. Enjoy!

First time actually trying for this. Its pure except I made the textures in the gimp.

pure, modeled and rendered in blender (all pocedurals except one nor image map for ground) slight brightness/contrastadjustment in gimp
This is the first and last attempt at encounter with the moon, left to rust for ages.

…The two fairys are playing in the dark forrest. Their parents have told them not to go there. But as stupid as they are and unconscious of the terrible danger are they happy playing some fairy game The monsters have heard them from over a thousand miles, and are coming…

Ok, I think I’m done.

But anyway, here’s my entry.

Here’s my pure entry called “close encounters” which actually has two encounters, the romantic and the extraterrestrial kind, and the couple are so absorbed in their moment that they don’t notice their truck being beamed up…

In 3050, the InnerSphere encountered the Clans for the first time. In front of the higher level of technology of the clans, the innersphere’s only choice was to retreat.

Flashes of light appear in the darkness of the passage. They frantically try to form a shape, but remain only a swirling mass of energy, a mere impression of the alien ghosts’ true form. The two humans, searching for their lost companion, dismiss the lights as natural phenomenon and continue deeper under the ocean. The floors are wet with sea water, wires and conduits snake everywhere. The warning fails to be understood, and the rescuers are left alone with a mysterious creature, lurking in the depths…

Here’s my entry. Everything was done with blender (the HUD included) except for the name and effects on the silhouette. I’m still new and I suck at modeling. I’m not good enough to model a body, even if it’s aginst the light like here.

Dave said:" Oh my God… It’s full of stars!!!"

its geocities so i think you have to copy paste, its all pure except 2 image textures, i hope you understand it, i really do

Here’s my encounter with a big white.
Luckily enough a friend of mine just shot this picture.

It’s an alien encountering a glowing marble thingy. All pure except the space background and a little brightness/contrast tweaking.

“An Uh-Oh Encounter”

Enos Shenk
The biggest encounter in everyones life.

A guy is skating in his local skate park and has an unusual encounter with the grim reaper.


as usual, i voted for the one that made me laugh the most. this week: Enos!

and i’m also amazed that so many people came up with ideas. I couldn’t think of anything except the “alien meets human”…

The competition gets better each week, and the choice a little more difficult. I especially liked Idgas, BackiZ, and X-Warrior’s images.

My vote went to BackiZ for originality of concept, tone, and degree of modelling difficulty. Organic things are difficult to design, although there is nothing at all simple about X-Warrior’s amazing scene either, which has a lively cinematic feel to it. It looks like a scene from a movie that should be made :o :smiley: Another masterpiece, X-Warrior :wink:


:smiley: tx robertt

I still didn’t vote cause I don,t know for who to vote 0_0…I don,t want to vote for me…koudejongen have a great idea I like it…but also Idgas have a great scene…and Enos_Shenk is qui funny and what about rwenzlaff pic :smiley: alot of good entries this week! I hope it will keep getting better and better like this :smiley:

Good luck everyone!

jeez, im glad i didn’t end up finishing mine, it was only a half assed attempt, and i would have been totally shown up. This weeks entries are amazing, and quite a few good people didn’t even compete.

I had a toss up between Robertt and X-Warrior. I have a soft spot for good particle effects, so Robertt got it purely from that. I do really like X-warrior’s entry though, the black bands do make it look a lot like a movie. I’m also really impressed by the textures on the walls. hint hint :wink:

This week has been like the best competition i’ve seen in a long time. Good luck all.

For obvious reasons, my vote goes to X-Warrior, even if that means that I won’t get, not even my vote…:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Excellent work X-W… :smiley:

This contest kicks a$$e$… :smiley: Everybody did a hell of a good job!!! We are the best… :smiley:

jeez, im glad i didn’t end up finishing mine, it was only a half assed attempt, and i would have been totally shown up.

bannana_sock no matter what you think about your work, compared to other’s, your work is a part of yourself… You should be proud of your achievements… And apart from winning, there’s also the joy of participating… I’m proud I’ve participated in such a tough contest…
Never compare your work to other’s… :smiley: I wanna see your work next week… :smiley:

Good luck to everybody… :smiley:


I’m a little confused as to the ‘purity’ requirements.

if i had put in a decent amount of effort, i would be proud of my work. I mostly am, but im not gonna be proud of something that i know i can do much better.

Basically your entry is open if:
you use another program to render it besides blender
if you use models that you created before the contest (doesn’t count if it’s like something small in the background)

Idgas, you got my vote. Nice mood, as well as great contrast and tension - peaceful night and a fire interrupted by a dangerously-looking guest.

To everyone else - thanks for the great entries! Too bad I have to pick only one, but it makes me look for the one I like the best :slight_smile:


Hmm. No doubt that X-W´s entry is the best regarding the technical aspect, but I see no relation to the theme. My vote goes to Erk, although I really love koudejongen’s shark and tortxof´s idea a lot.

Well, I see no entry this time I wouldn´t vote for, but Erk´s one has the most expression to me.

I had to vote for rwenzlaf, I had thougt about doing something like it but decided not to. That shit is funny. Enos’s is funny also, I think I have a new desktop for a few weeks :).

Well thnx for the vote Anton. I havn’t cast my vote as of yet, pretty sure what the outcome will be (X) but good job everyone, there are some really nice pics here. Its amazing to see the diverse contrast between each image.

Me too! Sometimes I feel really guilty because of all the hard work that goes into the technically brilliant ones, but I’m just a sucker for a quirky, lateral idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I voted for BackiZ because I like that tree even though it’s a little rough. Didn’t that monster thing have red eyes? I think I liked it better that way. Thanks for the vote, Nico.

Damn it! I should have kept my vote for myself… :expressionless: (I gave it to Robertt)
I surely don’t deserve to win, but I do deseve one tiny vote. %|

I usually keep my vote until the last minute for a tie breaker, but there’s no tie to break, than I’ll give it to you just because you asked first :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t want to defend myself, anyway you already voted so…I just wanted to point out the little story that came with my pic. It’s a part of the battletech universe…when the inner sphere encountered the Clans for the first time…I thought it could be related to The Encounter :-?

Thanks for the votes Robertt and Erk :wink:
And it was first red indeed, but I changed the colors to make it more real, since I haven’t seen red light in a forrest :-? It’s now more like some cold moonlight

Hey, IgorSandman, thanks for the vote! For a relatively new modeller you’ve managed to create an interesting scene. There was a lot of competition this week, more than I think I’ve seen before, at least since I started participating in this contest a few months ago, so no one should consider a lack of votes a thing to be discouraged about. After receiving not many votes on several previous entries I spent anywhere from several hours to half a day on, I figured “if you’ve done something new or different with Blender as a result of participating in this contest you’ve won in some sense.” It’s one of those contests where there really are no losers: Blender users improve their skills, Blender receives more positive attention and respect, and the renders keep getting better.

That said, once you get to certain level of Blendability and render something people consider cool it is definitely an honor to earn votes from your fellow Blenderers, so thanks to everyone else who voted for me. I really appreciate it!


sorry i didnt make it I racked up about 25 hours in work this weekend and im pooped.

i had to go with three-dee now thats an encounter.

if anyones interested i was gonna do voyager1 crashed into some alian city.