Challenge #630 (17/7/15) Entries CLOSED

Theme #630 for Friday 17th of July 2015 is: Virtual Reality

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 20th of June 2015.

My open entry:

Full resolution:

More info:


Got lazy, so I went for a bit of an abstract representation of VR.
While I’m at it, isn’t the whole point of the weekend challenge to see what we can come up with over the weekend?
I get the feeling that there’s quite a bit of previous work being submitted…

Other than the use of Makehuman there really isn’t much to Eviviviiii’s entry, just very well executed.

Personally I believe it really should be open since its two main focuses are Makehuman!?

An early version of the project is mentioned, so I assume it didn’t get done in a day:

Eviviv’s is very cool. I wouldn’t have guessed makehuman, looks great in full res. And rarebit, he always had it as open??

Rarebit, nice, reminds me of tron!

I’d already looked at that, dated 17th, which was Friday.

@Photox, er, I’m a dufus sometimes :wink:

Plugged In
Pure cycles 1000 samples and photoshop

imgur link if I screwed up

my first time modelling a face! Thankfully, everything about the face is covered up by stuff, so you don’t see how alien and weird this looks.

I was going to do a person wearing a visor… didn’t turn out great, ended up salvaging the visor, which, is not a couch! not a couch! The tronish floor thing was my invention :slight_smile: thanks for noticing :slight_smile:

Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender.


My pure entry. A throwback to a childhood video game with a 3-Dimensional twist.

Here’s my pure entry. 1750 samples.
“the node editor”

“Power Of Imagination”

Pure, cycles 500 samples


Great and original entries all, Keon great concept and execution. Thetax, I can only imagine that they will have Mario VR soon, very nice. Robert T once again drops an incredible image to inspire and puzzle over.

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does this work?

Yes, and very nice!

Thanks! I originally wasn’t going to compete, but then I thought of this and decided to enter.

Thanks, Photox, rarebit & fcharr! I started working on this a day early, so you’re definitely right about that. This, along with the use of MakeHuman, should put it in the open category.

Great entries so far everyone!

Cycles + PS.

Virtual Reality-Beautifier-Beam
pure, cycles (1500 samples), blender only

(first version)

(final version)

[ Maybe I’ll update this one later tonight - depending on the time rarebit shows up :wink: ]

[edit] done :slight_smile: [/edit]