Challenge #632 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Things associated with the morning

Challenge #632

Pure Entries

Enos Shenk


07 59 morning


Morning mood


Morning star


Morning Shower and Coffe

Sunrise at Sea

Open Entries

Milk and alarm clock

Non-Competing Entries

Exit from a Dream

Sigh, second time I’m late for just a couple of seconds…
Anyway I don’t think I could get anywere near the first place, here you can see what I had planned on entering:

Kind of funny looking at the clocks in the pictures all together.


I guess everyone’s experiences with wake up times are vastly different. For myself, most work days I’ve already put in 3 hours of work before 9:30 rolls around.

Nice entries everyone. Too bad you didn’t quite make it in David99. I like what you did there.

Nice entries there.
I’m late too (again) … And yes, I also have a clock :slight_smile:
sleepy rooster (blender internal)

Anyway, I found that as these challenges are for fun and you do not need to use stable versions of Blender, this challenges are a good opportunity to use the daily builds form Build Bot and find/report bugs. I found a bug two weeks ago doing an scene for the challenge (I have not participated because I could not finish on time), and I found and report another bug for this competition. So, I recommend downloading from buildbot for each challenge :slight_smile:

I unofficially vote for David99 ( or officially if that is possible. )

Enos Shenk - LOL took a while before i got the joke xD

he should have called it Morning Wood, would have gotten a few votes :wink:

I had to Google “Welp” to try and figure out what the title meant (I knew what the image represented), and according to Google “Welp” means “needs no further explanation.”

So hard to decide which one is the best entry. One is the funniest, one is the most artistic one, another one has the best lighting, and one the most detailed objects.
Great job guys.

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 632 with over 19% of the votes… is… PuaGo!

Here’s to all the great participators…

Enos Shenk : 1 : 2.78%
3dnotguru : 6 : 16.67%
Choupizo : 1 : 2.78%
Ryeath : 5 : 13.89%
<b>PuaGo : 7 : 19.44%</b>
fcharr : 0 : 0%
KeonSkyfire : 0 : 0%
night654 : 4 : 11.11%
Kamawi : 4 : 11.11%
Evivivi : 2 : 5.56%
mik1190 : 6 : 16.67%


Morning mood