Challenge #633 (7/8/15) Entries CLOSED

Theme #633 for Friday 7th of August 2015 is: Smoking Hot

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 10th of August 2015.

“Cold and Red”
Cycles/PS. 6666 Samples.

That’s pretty nice Photox

Thanks mate, it’s my August “artsy” entry.

Bar of Gold

Hello, this is my PURE entry Smoking Hot “Venus of Willendorf” :wink:
Rendered with cycles.

Some kind of wallpaper, perhaps a hot and smoky acid. Pure-ly made on Blender/Cycles. “Hot Acid”:

“Black Smoker: Hydrothermal Marshmallows”
pure, cycles (500 samples) + a few compositing experiments, blender only


Here is my non-competing entry:



Dang RobertT; Why do you never post in the Finished Projects forum anymore (or at least have a sketchbook thread)?

Your stuff is still top notch in terms of quality and originality.

Open entry. Modeling and render in Cycles with a bunch of post in and Krita.


Here my PURE entry “Peggy smoking hot”
Cycles render 300 samples + compositing

I would like to render it at 1000 samples or so, i supose that smoke and hair would look better… but i have no GPU and my computer said it would take …12 HOURS!!!

My non-competing entry for this weekend.
Smoke is post processed. Some image textures from the usual sources.

Modeling and rendering in Cycles with post work done in Photoshop.

wow RobertT that’s Amazing!!

Pure, Cycles

I try to improve my low poly modelling :slight_smile:

Thank you, Ace Dragon!

I will keep Finished Projects and the possibility of a sketchbook thread in mind :slight_smile:


Here’s my entry: “Smoking Hot Mountain”

Everything was modeled from scratch in blender and the only image texture is the sky.