Challenge #634 Voting CLOSED

(rarebit) #1

This week’s theme: Too Much

Challenge #634

Pure Entries


too much combinations

Too Fat

All aboard! The Over Train :wink:

Too much sound ??

Thalia Brunner
“I’ve been thinking too much”

Still Crooked

Little Raft

Too much food

Open Entries

Too much rain !

Non-competing Entries


Sugar Crash

(Helge) #2

It’s already too late for two votes (thanks btw.) but please don’t vote for my image. It should be Non-competing as I chose the theme for this weekend :slight_smile:

Great posts this week! I like everyone of them!

Challenge #811 (04/01/19) Entries CLOSED
(RobertT) #3

I’m guessing Hunterofdeath missed my comments / question in the submission thread, so I’ll post it here:

"Wonderful image! Did you start this Thursday evening / Friday and complete it on Saturday (when you posted the image at Blender Artists)? Just curious with regards to the traditional 4-day Weekend Challenge time limits (Thursday to Monday). Congratulations on your great results!

Repeated in friendly intentions simply with hopes of clarification because I do think it’s important, certainly out of fairness for those who do choose to compete, to maintain “open” submission rules as they are, not to set a new precedent and extend “open” to include entire renders initially created before the competition begins.

I.E. I think “open” should be preserved for the reuse of existing models/etc. in a new scene created specifically for the challenge – and/or the use of non-Blender software.

I wish I could have voted for Photox’s image. It’s a great concept and perfectly done!


(Photox) #4

Robert, thanks man!

Awww, he’s happy again:

(English is not my native language) #5

Haha, very nice Photox!
I love sss in fish and small chocolate cake.

(eyalmu) #6

Great photos everyone!
Each one took the idea to a completly differenct aspect. I hope it will continue every week like that…

(jasonicarter) #7

Awesome entries everyone. Thinking I may throw my hat into the ring for the next weekend challenge :slight_smile:

(Napivo) #8

Helge I voted for you as you made me laugh… That image is too funny:)

(Francisco Charrua) #9

would be funny if Helge won this one.

(Helge) #10

I’m glad he is happy again. The two images together are even better than the first one alone - which was brilliant already!

Still no answer. It seems like no one ever scrolls down below the images. Maybe we should post more images instead of writing too much text :wink:

I agree. This weeks diversity is really nice! We should keep it that way…

That would be great. Having more people taking part in the competition is always a good thing.

I guess we have to thank finalbarrage for advertising the challenge within the Finished Projects section.

I intended it to be funny but I really didn’t intend it do get any votes :wink:
Actually it should have been non competing/out of contest, as I chose the theme for this weekend. However: thanks for the vote, glad you like the image!

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. However, it would indeed be funny :wink:

(RobertT) #11

Photox: You’re welcome, and what a brilliant follow up image! I can almost see that animated, starting off by looking around, then sampling a piece or two of candies, and then gobbling up some more until the happy face :slight_smile:

Helge: Likely never looked back. Giving the benefit of the doubt probably is best here.

Congratulations to everyone on their interpretations and renders!


(SonnySee) #12

Some great entries this week! I only wish I had more than one vote.
I thought Hunterofdeath’s entry Too much rain was just a beautiful image that showcases what Blender is capable of.
However, I was really drawn to Thalia Brunner’s “I’ve been thinking too much”. I thought it was very striking. In the end, I decided to go with the pure entry rather than the open one. Besides, Too much rain already won the Weekly CG Challenge ( , so I wanted to give someone else a shot at the fantastic prize for the weekend challenge.
Great entries to all.
Looking forward to next weeks topic.

(opulenthawk) #13

Hello to everybody, I am opulenthawk and I just want to tell you something funny that happened to me. Many times I see the contests and I think, I could have a good entry for this one, but then I didn’t make my render. This time I decided to go on because I had too much pending job in the office, and I thought of this guy is too old to be working and also it is too late or too early (that is why I tried to simulate the evening or morning time), it is as the topic says: “too much”. However when I saw entries like the ones Photox, Thalia Brunner, and Hunter’s I got amazed of how much I need to learn. Thank you for inspiring more effort in me. (Please note english is not my main language).

(opulenthawk) #14

I didn’t know I should name my entry, then my name would be just “too much” as the topic.

(rarebit) #15

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 634 with 25% of the votes… is… opulenthawk!

Here’s to all the great participators…

<b>opulenthawk : 8 : 25.00%</b>
3dnotguru : 1 : 3.13%
eyalmu : 1 : 3.13%
fcharr : 0 : 0%
Ryeath : 2 : 6.25%
Thalia Brunner : 7 : 21.88%
Helge : 5 : 15.63%
YAFU : 0 : 0%
David99 : 1 : 3.13%
Hunterofdeath : 7 : 21.88%


(Helge) #16

Congratulations opulenthawk! Nice to see that the old guy won this one :slight_smile:
Looking forward to this weekends theme.

(RobertT) #17

A well-deserved win, opulenthawk! I voted for you.


(opulenthawk) #18

Thank you all, it is very important for me to receive votes from people inside the 3d art. Mr. RobertT, it is an honor to receive your vote.

(opulenthawk) #19

Thank you again, it makes me very happy to get appreciation from people who are 3d artists.