Challenge #64 Entries (29/08/03) CLOSED

Theme #64 for 29 August 2003 is: Lego

make anything you want, but it must be done with “lego like” part.

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 1 September 2003.

u made a mistake with the topic there theeth :slight_smile:

blah blah blah :stuck_out_tongue:



Here is my pure entry, entitled: Legos Through the Ages.

and the thumbnail.

A) The Stone Age

B) Early North American

C) Post Industrial Era

D) The Space Age


Here we go.

Pure entry, took me a couple days of off-and-on work.


And full image:

Here’s my 100% pure entry called “Blender Building Blocks,” which was designed and rendered in Blender 2.28:

Click the image above or here for the full sized picture.

Design time: approximately 4 hours. Render time: about 40 minutes. The image consists of three layers. Hope you like it! :wink:


Placeholder. Hmmm… what to do…

Go for it Cube, good luck.

Lego huh?

What flavour of Lego? Technic? Town? Space?

Are Lego “clones” allowed? What about “Duplo” or “Sticklebricks”? :smiley:

I take it modelling the scene in Lego-Cad program and rendering in blender is cheating? :wink:

Possible placeholder…



I was going to enter, but I have no time!

Darn it…

This is my first attempt at completing something in blender, all the other times i just forget about them, and its my first post too. :slight_smile: btw this is 93% pure blended.
Lego Ship
Arg… how do I get this pic to show :frowning:

Count me in…

this pretty much sums up my weekend …

I call it decent into Lego-Madness

For a bigger one click here :
For the biggest one (1280*1024) click here :

make cube!
it’s simple, yet elegant… :slight_smile:


Finished :smiley:
Open entry
Modeled in blender, rendered in yafray

Lego Technic :slight_smile:

The full version:

It’s 100% blender and 100% pure :wink: I used blender 2.28

Here is my pure entry.

and her a larger version

Its a sad day in lego land. Mr Lego just lost his job, his wife left him and he just ran over his dog.

Pure Entry:

Click here to get a larger image.

Click here to see the full lego house(not the entry).

I assume All lego products are up for grabs:

Probably Final:

And a thumbnail:

Entry is pure Blender 2.28a, with my ClipOSA patch. (Though all my materials are sane ((ref+spec)<1.0), so it’s not an issue.)

Det. Thorn

I added the focal blur with Picture Publisher, everything else is pure Blender.