Challenge #673 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Shenmo

Challenge #673

Pure Entries

Enter Sandman

Shenmo deamon

Angel light study

Monkey King


Cycles 1.000.000 samples… still pending :slight_smile:

I think this time the rarebit automatic Voting OPEN script failed a little :slight_smile:

I think this week’s script needed to fail :wink:

Mmm, maybe you’re right :slight_smile:

Please note: my image should be non-competing.

I have renamed my image for now so that it cannot appear above.

Please vote for one of the participating entries.


hmmm, Helge number 2 got a vote… joke vote?

It probably is. A joke vote for a joke entry - makes sense to me :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I really meant to vote for the first one - it’s just that after scrolling up to vote the moment I saw “Helge” I immediately clicked and voted, not seeing there are two entries :slight_smile:

I voted the second Helge saying “there are 2 Helges, so it will be funny to vote the bugged one”. Than I scrolled down and realized there’s another entry of Helge. So… It’s not that funny in the end.

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 673 with over 40% of the votes… is… pepeyoda46!

Here’s to all the great participators…

Helge : 7 : 31.82%
<b>pepeyoda46 : 9 : 40.91%</b>
Photox : 0 : 0%
RobertT : 3 : 13.64%
fcharr : 1 : 4.55%
Helge : 2 : 9.09%


Shenmo deamon

no way. sorry, Helge. you’ve been robbed… I think rarebit is in full script mode this week :wink:

Its rare I ever vote, we even go late so that I don’t have to cast the decider, it also happens more than you may think…

Just thought I’d get this one over n done with…

@fcharr: Stranger things have happened :wink:
[For instance: you seem to have a Prime Minister who isn’t afraid of quantum computers. - Well, at least not afraid of talking about it… ;-)]