Challenge #674 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Phobia

Challenge #674

Pure Entries

Why I Will Never Move to Oklahoma


Blitzed Studio


Help Is On The Way

fear of darkness



The Wind-up Robot Apocalypse


Fear of the Dark

Stay under the blanket!!!

Non-competing Entries

Fear, the Stealer or Steeler of Senses

fcharr’s non compete got thrown in on the list. I wish I could submit non competes along with my entry without screwing up the system. I had a tall ladder image floating around that also would have worked great this week.

I used big letters and all 0_0

Oh well, too late was the cry… was on the phone, and some images weren’t displaying, 4 previews and that confused me…

Seems like there are some issues with the migration. That’s web development for you…

yep, it happened, the blank, I didn’t render anything entry got more boats than mine. what I feared has come true :wink: well played.

Meanwhile, somewhere north of Oklahoma. :slight_smile:

Maybe the number of votes depends on the time an entry took to render. Based on the images meta data this would be “05:09” for your spider but “18:54” for 3dnotgurus black corridor :slight_smile:

That is scary indeed (but fascinating at the same time). Actually, we may have had a tornado in Germany a few days ago.

But I’m not sure if that would even qualify as bad weather in Oklahoma :wink:

This was actually in Kansas which is the state north or Oklahoma. It is also the state where the movie “The Wizard of Oz” began. I was looking at the images and some of them had an eerie resemblance to my entry this week. I could have named my entry Kansas and that really would have been ironic.

Maybe a surprising fact:

Tornado alley in the US might be the more famous, but figures show the UK has more tornadoes per area than any other country - although they’re nothing like as devastating.
According to a new study, American ‘twisters’ still have the edge when it comes to strength of the storms and the destruction of property.
A study which mapped eye-witness reports from 1980 to 2012 showed that the UK saw more tornadoes per area, than any other country.

But almost all (95 per cent) of the UK storms were classified as being F0 or F1, with wind speeds at 112mph or below.
These are far weaker than America’s devastating F5s, in which wind speeds can reach over 300mph.

(other newspapers are available)

Image metadata… interesting.

Curious, is there a way to add the number of samples used to the metadata?

Interesting, indeed. By default it may even contain a little to much information for my taste.

So far, I never used it on purpose. But I just checked. You can add custom notes to the meta data:

You will find this panel within the render settings.

@Photox. Please, If you have some time you give us some tips about how you obtained that snakeskin. It’s really good.

And Helge, thanks for the explanation in the other thread.

I know how you feel. I spent more time and effort on this week’s entry than I’ve ever put into a quick challenge like this - it literally took me all day to successfully model that Tomy Wind-up Robot with my meager modeling skills and to figure out out how to get the textures to randomize between just a couple variations and I didn’t get even a single vote. :frowning:

The less work I put into these, the better I do. :slight_smile:

Oh well. It’s discouraging, but I can’t disagree with the images in the lead, they are all really excellent.

I know right? Every week, even if no one votes for me I can say that it’s better than nothing. can’t make the claim this week :wink:

@MDO2010: I have done tons of these things where I didn’t get a single vote. Don’t sweat it. Recently I did a fully sculpted / retopo’d / UV textured vampire child and didn’t get a single vote. Took me all weekend. Happens all the time. I have won a few too.
see if I can find the render here…


I almost won once :slight_smile:
Anyway, I have little time participating. I can understand those who have long been participating in the challenge.
I have to say I’m rather lazy with my projects, I never finished projects and use more than anything to particular tests. The challenges have helped me to be forced to complete projects, and also to run into new problems and learn from it. In addition in the challenges I try to use latest version of Blender from master (Buildbot), so I found and reported a couple of bugs working on the challenges. So some fun and also collaborate with Blender :slight_smile:

The truth I do not care much win or get votes. Anyway a humble suggestion for those experienced users who have already won many challenges. You try to take a break in some of the challenges. Even just participating with non-competitive entries.

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 674 with over 29% of the votes… is… Helge!

Here’s to all the great participators…

Gordi : 2 : 6.45%
Lugbrud : 2 : 6.45%
Blitzed Studio : 0 : 0%
fcharr : 0 : 0%
<b>Helge : 9 : 29.03%</b>
3dnotguru : 2 : 6.45%
Evivivi : 8 : 25.81%
Photox : 7 : 22.58%
MDO2010 : 0 : 0%
Kidus : 1 : 3.23%
fcharr : 0 : 0%
Gakos : 0 : 0%


Help Is On The Way


Thanks for the encouragement. I just have to remind myself that I started entering these to practice my Blender skills and that is still my main motivation. :slight_smile: