Challenge #675 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Upside Down

Challenge #675

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Quality Control is Important


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Swing for the Sky

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Non Competing

Oops… reported missing…

MDO2010 entry should have been included for voting I guess

Where is RobertT this week?

hey, that’s true where’s Robert’s entry?

ive not been in any of hte WEC for quite a while, but is it normal to have this few entries these days? it used to be 10+ entries for a couple months ago.

Not sure what happened this week. Entry numbers haven’t been this low over the last couple of weeks. But if even Robert is missing, evil forces seem to be at work. :wink:

that one week i deside to hop on is the week everyone else is gone… no fun :confused:

@Gordi, may you explain what you’ve done there? sorry for asking, but Im just feeling like Im missing something :confused:

No problem. I guess my reference was a little too obscure. Compare the letters of your keyboard to mine. You will see the “Upside Down” reference in two places.

Something told my I should have attempted Spider-Man walking on the ceiling. :slight_smile:
Oh well.

QMERTY! As if QWERTZ and QWERTY weren’t enough! :slight_smile:

QWERTZ, I never heard or that one. Interesting the regional variations of the computer keyboard.

On a side note, my first job was overhauling PC keyboards and repairing floppy drives. All 101 keys removed, traces either resoldered or painted, keyboard springs replaced and cases repainted. Now you got a bad PC keyboard you just toss it out and buy another one. I even had ice cream melted solid from the top of the keys to the bottom of the case. Complaint on tag was “keys are stuck”. REALLY? After about three months of that you eventually memorize the order of the keys which led me to this weeks entry.

Long weekend at the beach for me, no computer access.

Had an idea for a person holding an umbrella being blown upside down by one of Gordi’s tornados, alas, no way to do it.

I’m having one of these in front of me most of the day. So to me, your keyboard entry looks even more ‘upside down’. :slight_smile:

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 675 with over 60% of the votes… is… fcharr!

Here’s to all the great participators…

finalbarrage : 5 : 21.74%
Gordi : 2 : 8.70%
<b>fcharr : 14 : 60.87%</b>
MDO2010 : 2 : 8.70%



thank you all :slight_smile: I feel honored.

Congratulations fcharr!

Congratulations fcharr! Well deserved win :slight_smile: