Challenge #676 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Heavy Metal

Challenge #676

Pure Entries

Baby Dio

Before the Weight Room Opens


Heavy metal… ball

Wrecking Party

Non Competing Entries

Look Out!

Hard Plastic

Heavy sentence

Blame her sat over there…

wrecking balls rule!

yafu sand material please? looks great!

i dont know what to vote… it stands between dann and vaguehorizon.

Dann has the better looking render, but i love how vague included the anchor :slight_smile:

finalbarrage, I’m glad, you take me under the considiration.
YAFU - interesting links, also… I like your forum signature: “Be patient, English is not my language.”

I’m not exactly sure what’s the time difference, that’s why I posted my OUT too early. I hope noone saw the issue with missing floor faces? :slight_smile:

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 676 with over 52% of the votes… is… vaguehorizon!

Here’s to all the great participators…

Helge : 1 : 5.88%
Gordi : 1 : 5.88%
MDO2010 : 2 : 11.76%
Dann : 4 : 23.53%
<b>vaguehorizon : 9 : 52.94%</b>
YAFU : 0 : 0%


Wrecking Party

Congratulations vaguehorizon! Deserved win :slight_smile:

Thanks Helge, your baby is a cool idea.

My 6 month old son does this all the time. So, credit goes to him! :wink: