Challenge #681 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: The house in front of the world

Challenge #681

Pure Entries

Vivenda das Rosas

Lonely Station


Non-competing Entries

Cliffs and Fall

Reaching Salad 7 (Caesar’s Planet)

Home Before World

Evivivi, is that a finger / finger print? I love it if it is!

I loved both planet entries, especialy the snail astronaut. Still don’t understand Evivivi’s.

Sorry peoples…

Results, 1, 9, 6

Yafu rocks in a great win!

I’ll amend tomorrow…

Yafusssalushious send me a topic pls…

Oh, I just show Evivivi’s to someone and “yeah that’s a maze”… We love it…

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 681 with over 56% of the votes… is… YAFU!

Here’s to all the great participators…

fcharr : 1 : 6.25%
<b>YAFU : 9 : 56.25%</b>
Evivivi : 6 : 37.50%

Lonely Station

My first win :slight_smile: Thank you all.
Good entries as usual!

Oh, it is hard to choose topics for the competitions. I hope the topic I have chosen has not been much repeated over the challenges.

Congratulations YAFU! Deserved win!

Btw. “Overheating” is a very nice new theme. If my list of past themes is correct: so far, “heat” occurred only once - and that one time it was hidden inside the word “Dreamtheater” :slight_smile:

Thanks! Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Thanks Helge!
Is that list has always been there in your signature?. When you said: ‘my’ list, I happened to look in your signature. It is the first time I pay attention in this link :o
Very useful.

It has been there for quite some time now. Glad you find it useful :slight_smile: