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This week’s theme: The fish

Challenge #688

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First Day For The Fish

The Fish

Infinite Fish

Babelfish (from the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy)

The F.I.S.H.

Black Goldfish

I’ll take the fish

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The Fish

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Maybe he’s friendly!


I guess I get the “Most Original Entry” award this week. :eek:

You are probably right. Looks like most of us couldn’t resist the literal approach.

“Fish: A new inmate at prison.” Thanks, :slight_smile:
Who in the name of Suzanne came up with that term…?!

Who knows, it is probably something not intended for general audiences.

When picking my subject I have to remember that even though everyone here understands English, they probably don’t understand American. :stuck_out_tongue:

As American English is dominating a lot of worldwide distributed media products (movies, music, …) that probably isn’t that much of a problem for most people. Slang (in any language) may be another story (e.g. London’s Cockney - I have no idea how anyone can understand that ;-)). As said before I looked up “fish” on - on the other hand didn’t know of that meaning…

According to this thred

Using fish or fresh fish for inmates dates back to 1863. I am not a native English speaker but I do know the reference well.

And since i have been in jail I know the feeling, looking at your new world as a fish in a bowl.

I don’t recommend it to anyone

Sorry to hear that Napivo. I hope I didn’t trigger any bad memories. I apologize if I did.

It was either that or I was going to redo this in either low poly or cartoon, but I was not sure if anyone was going to get the reference or if I was going to pull it off in time. I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie Airplane.


Old lady “It’s ok…I speak jive!”

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 688 with over 29% of the votes… is… FriZan!

Here’s to all the great participators…

Helge : 4 : 16.67%
Gordi : 3 : 12.50%
Ryeath : 0 : 0%
<b>FriZan : 7 : 29.17%</b>
raron : 0 : 0%
Mswan : 5 : 20.83%
Evivivi : 3 : 12.50%
Pixaner : 0 : 0%
DimasAlcalde : 2 : 8.33%

Infinite Fish

Thanks everyone! I hope you like the new theme :slight_smile: